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Last week I finished reading a wonderfully uplifting book called Heart to Heart, from which I took the title of this week’s newsletter article. 

John Cali

The book, by world-renowned British animal communicator, Pea Horsley, was a gift to me from my dear friend Barbara Clark.

The book, as you might imagine, is about Pea’s work with animals. She’s not only a gifted animal communicator, but also a great writer. In her warmhearted way, she’ll have you alternately laughing and crying as she tells of helping people the world over find lost pets. Pea also “counsels” troubled animals, and communicates with the spirits of dead animals.

Her stories are riveting, uplifting — and sometimes sad, as our animal family rarely outlive us. Pea will give you a whole new appreciation and love for the animals we share this planet with. She’ll connect you heart-to-heart.

Since I’m “on the road” this week, we’re republishing one of our own animal stories from almost five years ago. It’s called Hans Was Here. I hope you like it.

Hans Was Here

If you’re animal lover, you’ll love this true story. I know it’s true because it happened to me.

In 1992, some close family members in California gave my sister and brother-in-law, Christine and Dick, a miniature schnauzer puppy. Dick and Christine named him Hans, and we loved him as much as we loved our human family members.

As most of you probably know, Dick died last October (2005) and I went back to New York to help Christine through her own transition. (You’ll find that story here.)

Two days before I came back home to Wyoming, I awoke at 4:30 the morning of January 10 (2006). As I lie there, deciding whether to get up or go back to sleep, I heard a car door slam at a nearby neighbor’s house. Then I heard Hans’ loud, familiar bark in the living room directly below my bedroom.

Oh well, I thought, he’s just barking because he also heard the car door slam.

Then I did a mental double-take. Almost exactly a year ago, on January 17, 2005, Hans had died! I was there when he died, and the memory of that day is permanently etched on my memory.

But I knew his bark, and I felt his energy in the house. What was going on here?

The next morning, I said to Christine, “Something strange happened last night. Hans was here.”

So I decided to ask Spirit about it.


Those of you who are animal lovers, as John is, know your animal family live beyond the veil of death, just as you do.

Those who love you, whether they were human or animal in their physical form, never leave you. They often have a desire, beyond the grave, to help you and to continue loving you. That is often why you see, or feel, or hear what you might call “ghosts.”

Animals, especially your domestic pets (as you call them) — and especially dogs and cats — are more often than not your teachers. They have little to learn from you. But you have much to learn from them.

Dogs and cats do not incarnate (or reincarnate) with the same “life plan,” if you will, as humans do.

If there is one major lesson your pets have to teach you, it is this: Live in the moment! And this: Love unconditionally.

Your pets find joy, passion, and pleasure in every moment of their physical lives. Even when they appear to you to be suffering from some physical illness or injury.

Pets — and all animals, in fact — have no fear of illness or death. And, more importantly, they have no fear of life. Hence they immerse themselves in all the pleasures of physical existence. And they do it without hesitation and without guilt.

They are fully alive in every moment. Not a bad role model for you to follow!

Animals do not live with the same “agendas” you humans do. They have no desire to control or manipulate their fellow creatures, human or animal. Their intent is to simply live freely and joyously.

They see little difference between life and death.

No matter how awful (or peaceful) their transition from life to death appears to you, those transitions are always easy and effortless to them.

And when they arrive “on the other side,” they continue their joyful, exuberant, and happy lives, romping and playing with abandon.

They often return to visit you. As do your human loved ones. But most of you are not open, at least not fully open, to that happening for you.

When you do not believe, you cannot see. You often say, “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” But it’s always the other way around — when you believe it, you’ll see it.

John, obviously, believes in life after death, as most of you do. But he also believes in, and often experiences, “visits” from loved ones, animals and human, who have “died.”

It’s all a matter of vibration. If you believe, you vibrate in a positive way. And then you open the “doorway” to those beings who, on the “other side,” are vibrating at that same high level.

You never lose those you love. If you remain open to them, “alive” or “dead,” you will always be comforted by them. You will feel their presence, their energy.

And you will know you are loved.

Have any of your pets ever paid you an after-death visit? Please share with us below.

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  1. Dottie Zimmerman

    My mother loved turtles, and shared that love with my first son. She had live ones, ceramic ones, glass and pewter, hanging and in the garden. She told my son, when she went Home, he could have all her turtles. He got them. He has always loved animals and especially many n the reptile family; iguana, cameleon, turtles of all kinds. I was just calling him when I got a call from Todd about 6 am, saying he was on the way to work. He is a performer at Sea World. He explained he was taking the back roads, and came upon a lump in the road. When he got out to look, it was a large turtle. He helped it along to the side of the road, turned toward the car, and back again to see if the turtle was still traveling away from the road. It was no where in sight. I was just about to tell him that Grandma went home about an hour ago.He said, “Well she is fine, because she stopped to say good bye.”

    Another – my dog, a rescue dog who lived to 22 years old and was a Houdini for getting out of the yard to the point that despite higher fence, and chicken wire underneath, e found if he ran and ricocheted using the tree in the center he could clear the fence. His favorite thing – If I let him out of the car before I closed the garage, he would wait until it hit the light alert, run underneath and probably laughed all the way down the street as I had to wait for the door to stop and start up again. Finally, I had to put him down as he was so old, had to be carried out to go potty. We sold the house, and the day after he was sent Home, we left the house. I turned for a last look around the garage before I left. Nothing, not even a stick of tree branch or dust bunny was there. When I closed the garage, I felt sad at leaving, but for some reason, good as well. The garage stopped where he always ducked out and started to go up again. I know he came to say that he was fine.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Dottie, for sharing the beautifully touching stories of your animal angels.

  2. Gail Sutton

    Hi John. It’s been awhile. Many changes, indeed…

    My Aussie, Marty and were close beyond description. He has been with me constantly since his transition in January 2010 at 13+ years of age. I was out of the country when he passed, as I know he was waiting for me to leave so he could feel free to change form.

    At first, I saw him going from room to room in my house as he usually did looking for another good spot to chill out in. This lasted for quite some time.

    Later, I noticed as I was in my “connection” time breathing, meditating etc., often I felt him rest his head on my right foot as he did countless times before.

    I took Marty most everywhere I went whenever possible; we were almost always together. More often than not, I simply “feel” him around me.

    I knew it was his time to go and I “thought” I was ready. Yet while I know how easily our animal friends come and go from this dimension and everything surrounding the nature of their reality, I find I suppose we are never ready for that moment and time when our companions transition. While I still miss his physical presence greatly, I know Marty is with me and one day when I am again ready to share my life with another Animal Companion I have no doubt we will be together again.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Gail, for your comments and for sharing your beautiful story of Marty’s and your ongoing connection. As my spirit guides often say, we never lose those we love. I remember many years ago you sent me a photo of Marty. He certainly was a beautiful dog, and I’m sure his spirit is equally beautiful.


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