I thought we’d follow up our last blog post, Talking To Animals, with some of Spirit’s thoughts on animals, specifically domestic household pets.


Pets are not in your lives solely for your entertainment, though they certainly do entertain you. More importantly, pets are here as your teachers and, often, your healers.

You have a phrase bandied about much – “dumb” animals. By “dumb” you generally mean “stupid.” Or at least something less than human intelligence.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. While we are in no way diminishing the importance of the human mind, we are saying there is far more “intelligence” in your world than you have ever imagined.

Dogs and cats have great intelligence. Obviously, they cannot speak in words, verbally. But they can understand your verbal communication. Yet it’s a rare human who understands dog and cat communication.

Animals communicate with each other, and they communicate with you. Their most powerful communication is through telepathy. They read energy, and they can “predict” events. They almost always know ahead of time when something is about to happen, whether it be “bad” or “good.” They are always tuned into what you sometimes call cosmic consciousness.

You and your animals can also communicate after one of you has “died,” just as you can with your human loved ones.


Note: We talked about after-death communication with animals in our article, The Far Side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Do you talk to animals? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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