Feathers and Healing by John Cali and Spirit

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Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing — peace is the measure. ~ George Melton

buddist-healing-mandalaBuddhist Healing Mandala

In our last post, Signs from Spirit, we talked about feathers and how Spirit often uses them to send us messages. There are many ways Spirit can communicate with us. Some are obvious, others more subtle.

Our dear friend Diotima Markis sent me an email after we published that last post. Diotima is a wonderfully spiritual lady, and a spiritual teacher as well. Here, with her permission, I’m including part of her email:

“While in meditation some minutes ago, I was told that the feathers you and me and everybody receives are not only signs but healing tools that can bring profound changes in health if they are applied/ brought in direct contact with the parts/ on the body parts that suffer.”

In all the years I’ve been receiving messages from Spirit in the form of feathers (among other forms), it never occurred to me they could possibly be used as healing tools.

The next time Spirit sends me a feather, I’m going to take their advice to Diotima and use it for healing.

Thank you, Diotima!

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This particular video is not the kind we usually include in these posts. It’s a Christian healing service conducted by Roman Catholic priest Ralph DiOrio. Father Ralph helps others heal by invoking the name of Jesus.

Healing is healing, no matter how it happens.

The reason I include this today is I’ve seen Father Ralph in action, live. Many years ago, my wife and I went to one of his healing services. That was before I was on the spiritual path I’m on today. I was amazed by the healings I saw that night.

Even more amazing to me was the healing my wife experienced that night. She’d had a years-long condition no medical doctor could ever help her with. It wasn’t life-threatening, but it was a serious condition that diminished her quality of life.

When we got home that night she realized she’d been completely healed. The condition has never returned.


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How about you — have you had any experiences using feathers, or any other tool, to heal yourself or others? Or perhaps you do not need tools. Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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