Garage Sales and Manifesting What You Want by John Cali

What do garage sales have to do with manifesting what you want?

Last weekend a couple of my neighbors had a garage sale. They put a sign in the street at the end of their driveway. The sign was so small and the lettering so faint, I wondered how folks driving by would even see the sign. How did my neighbors expect to attract potential customers?

This reminded me of another similar incident we wrote about many years ago in an article titled For Sale By Owner.


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  1. Ann

    Superb! Just superb….what a wonderful reminder. i needed this today. …and everyday. Thanks John for your wonderful work…..blessings….Ann

  2. Chuck

    Thanks for the wonderful article John.
    I loved the part where you say –
    “once you’ve asked, is to go about your merry business. Look for the positives in your life, in yourself, in your friends, in the world around you. You don’t even have to give your perfect lover another thought. All you have to do is KNOW s/he is on the way. All you have to do is seek joy in every aspect of your life — big joys and little joys.”
    it was hard in the beginning, , maybe more than 70% of time i was thinking about lover etc and i was wondering whether not taking any action in that realm would hold it back.
    But lately i have settled in to a little more predominantly going about my business with more ease, enjoying myself with other friends, enjoying some dancing i do and not worrying about it much but somehow deep inside i know it is coming. I don’t have proof of that coming yet but something inside feels more pure and joyful. Maybe now i am at 75% of time being at ease and i do have some thoughts of worry here and there but i feel the shift in me to become more and more at ease.
    So thanks for this article.
    Thanks Chuck

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Chuck, for your kind words. I’m delighted you enjoyed the article.


  3. Joseph

    I read the following just this past week and share it with you as it fits beautifully with the concept of what blocks our manifestations:

    Many of the so-called Law of Attraction gurus and experts have left out a key component in the manifestation process. Or they only briefly discuss this secret key, but they don’t tell you exactly how it works.
    So what is this key component? It’s…

    It’s belief that has gotten near-death patients to miraculously heal at the last minute… simply by touching a religious object and believing it will cure them!
    How about those “lucky” people who have no special skill or talent but have become extremely rich and successful… because they believe in their own abilities!
    I’ve used the power of belief in my own situations; and it has allowed me to attain my dream job and attract my soulmate… among many others.
    But it wasn’t until I failed many times did I experience the power of belief. I thought that simply “thinking” and “feeling” what I want was enough. And boy, was I wrong!
    Why Thoughts Or Feelings Are Useless Without Belief
    Many of the Law of Attraction teachers say that every thought which goes through your mind goes out into the Universe to create a portion of your future reality. Others say it’s your emotions, and what you FEEL directs the course of events in your life.
    But your thoughts and/or your feelings are NOT the central influences behind the Law of Attraction. Here’s why…
    You can ‘think’ success all day long, day after day after day, for YEARS and not become a success. If you expect to fail, no amount of success thinking will fix it. Obviously, beliefs trump thoughts.
    You can ‘feel’ as happy and as loving as you want, but if you don’t believe you’ll actually have a fulfilling and satisfying life, you won’t. Clearly, beliefs are more powerful than emotions.
    So why do so many manifestation teachers focus on thoughts and/or emotions? Because when you believe these things make a difference, they do.
    If your belief in affirmations isn’t strong, then saying millions of them won’t do anything for you! However, if you expect to see magic just because you utter a string of words, it may very well become reality.
    Belief is the core ingredient that makes all other attraction techniques or methods work.
    If Belief Is So Powerful, Why Aren’t Many People Using It?
    It’s easy to say that you believe in something, but the actual process of believing is completely different.
    And that’s where many Law of Attraction gurus fail. They tell you to believe; but they give you no clear-cut instructions or guidance on how to do it correctly, how to develop your positive beliefs and how to eliminate the negative ones.
    Tell me… have you ever tried to convince yourself to believe in something that is not yet real or something that you’ve never experienced before? You know how difficult that can be.
    You want to believe you’re super successful, extremely wealthy, incredibly famous and more… but your inner voice says otherwise! That inner critic is always ruining your chances of truly believing in anything you can accomplish.

    • Chuck

      Hi joseph,
      I am curious what you might think of the following:
      I am not expert but I feel it could also work if you have lack of attention to the belief if its lacking.
      Thats why if you are feeling happy most of the time (lets say you are focused on some other subject so you are happy) it indirectly means at the very least you don’t have attention on a dis-belief. Because if you have attention to lack of belief then its hard for you to maintain feelings of happiness if you want it badly.

      I am curious what you would think about an example from my life. Again as i said i am not an expert and you maybe completely right but from this experience somehow i got a different perspective.
      One and 1/2 yrs back i was not a dancer. I had done some on and off here and there and was in workout class that involved a little dance. So i was kind of a real beginner. i barely could count the music.
      There are times where i used to go to club and see performances (by amateurs but still pretty decent good), and would wonder wow thats amazing, wish i could do that. I also thought its not really in my blood, i am not cut out for that etc. I never thought in one and 1/2 yr i would be able to actually perform and people will watch my performance. Now the only difference is that it did not matter that much to me, so i did not have any -ve feelings or resistance.
      I was just going through something else in my life and i was stressed about it and dance was just an outlet. I did not set goals and but things just flowed one after other to me. I ended up learning salsa from a current reigning world champion although i was not even seeking to learn from an expert since i did not have high ambitions. he had amateur teams and i joined thinking probably i may not perform but who cares, i know it will be fun. but things fell into place. When i look back after 1 and 1/2 yrs i have been dancing going out 3 to 4 times a week for 3 hrs each day and things just happened. I lucked out to get a partner who enjoyed going out with me everyday for few hrs and dancing and practicing etc.
      yes you could explain that slowly and steadily i might have developed some belief but when i started the whole thing i was only at ease with it since i had no pressure to perform etc. since its just a hobby. but at the same time i did not think i would come this far at all. My belief for sure was not there when i started out.
      Somehow i felt that it was my lack of attention to any lack feelings about dancing and being at ease brought me this far. And i totally was moment to moment throughout w/o planning ahead. but of course now i have much more belief!!


  4. deborah

    That is a wonderful article. Thank you so much for reprinting it. This is something I am still working on. Again, thank you . Deb

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