God Is A Big Illusion We Made Up

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I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect and writer


If you read our last week’s post, You and God Have An Eternal Connection, you may be puzzled by this post’s title. In fact, you may think I’ve lost my mind.

Let me explain.

Today I was at my desk wondering what we were going to write about for this week’s post. Then I remembered a close friend from long ago. She didn’t believe in God, and did her best to convince me to ditch my beliefs.

Well, I had my own private doubts about the existence of a divine being, even though my family and I were all Roman Catholic. But I was afraid not to believe in God. I’d probably go to hell then.

As I was thinking about all this today, I heard a soft, distant voice. It said, “Your friend was right—God is an illusion you made up.”

As I mulled that one over, I realized, at this point in my life, I agreed with that voice (and my old friend).


Some of you, perhaps many, grew up with this idea of God as some majestic, white-bearded being in the clouds who ruled the universe with an iron fist.

This God could be kind and loving, or angry and vengeful. It depended on his mood, and your behavior.

If you did anything to displease him, you could be destined for the eternal fires of hell. Or, at the very least, a torturous, albeit temporary, imprisonment in purgatory.

Johnny certainly grew up believing all that, and many of you may have too.

It’s all an illusion the human race and its institutions collectively conjured up for various reasons. Among those reasons were exerting control over others and getting them to do the authorities’ bidding.

As anyone reading this knows, that’s all nonsense or, as you might say, bullshit. It’s not real. It never was. It’s all a big illusion.

One of our favorite ways of describing God (or Goddess or divinity or whatever word you prefer) is “all that is.” God is literally all that exists throughout the entire universe. God is the source of all you consider good and desirable—peace, joy, love, well-being, abundance and so on.

All you consider evil—greed, hatred, war, etc.—is a projection, an illusion you have created. None of it is real.

We could go on and on about this subject, but we won’t.

Simply, this is our “credo,” if you will:
God is literally all that is. That includes you, all living beings, all so-called inanimate objects, and so on. Since God is good, all that is is good. Nothing else exists.

It’s that simple.

All you consider evil is your projection onto the world “out there” from within you, or from what you imagine to be within you.

This is changing today, but most of you have imagined yourselves flawed and, yes, evil. So you see that in the world all around. But you’re seeing it only because you’ve projected it “out there.” And, of course, what you see “out there” is only a mirror, not a fact.

As someone once said, God made humans in his own image, and humans returned the favor. That God humans created is the big illusion. It’s time to let it go.

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I’m pretty sure this short video,  God Does Not Exist, with the legendary physicist, Stephen Hawking, will not please everyone. But it is thought-provoking.


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12 Responses

  1. Sarah Drury

    To me, there being many concepts of God, it is not the entity that is worshipped, but the universal concepts of love and compassion which are important. Of course you don’t need to believe in God to be loving and compassionate. I think it is important to respect people’s beliefs as they are part of their own creation, therefore are, in a way, part of God.

  2. Jan Craft

    There is no afterlife because there is no death.

  3. Gretchen Morin

    Mystery is one of my word for God, if we could or did understand completely the workings of the universes and all the dimensions of manifestation there would be no striving, no reaching, so reason to love…. and to me, love is the reason for being.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Gretchen. It certainly is a mystery, at least to our human minds. I agree — love is THE reason for being.

  4. anny

    Hi John,
    I already discussed this subject once in the comment section of Joshua Tilghman’s blog, http://www.spiritofthescripture.com/ and I copy this comment here.
    “Thanks for your very interesting comment. It gives a lot to think about. And new questions to ask.
    For instance Stephen Hawking’s question “Do we need a God to set it all up so a Big Bang can bang?” What does he mean by that question? How does he define the concept of God? The term ‘a God’ suggests to me that he means a sort of anthropomorphic being who creates the universe from outside. The Grand Designer as you call it. But in my view that does not need to be the case at all. The concept of God, which is just a word, can be interpreted in very many ways and even all of those together do not come near to the Reality of this Force.
    To me the concept of God does not necessarily mean that God has to be outside of creation, as I am sure you know by now. On the contrary God as All that Is, which is a well-known definition, IS all of creation or, as Deepak Chopra called it, Generation – Organisation – Dissolution/renewal. Or Creator – act of Creating – Creation/creature. Both a cycle in three phases/facets.
    As such God IS the Universe. And everything that is in it, including us. God is the force that fuels the universe. And God is the Grand Designer too because I do not believe that everything happens just by chance. However, this design might be based on the experience gained in previous universes. I believe I have read something like that in one of prof. Weinreb’s books about the Qabbala.
    As such ‘our’ Big Bang might not be the first one (or the only one either). Could we look at the concept of a Big Bang maybe as a Geyser like in Yellowstone, which erupts from time to time and then returns to its previous state of a smooth body of water? But with an evolutionary character, resulting in a higher conscious awareness every next time?
    What you write in your second paragraph is indeed very interesting. You are looking at a universe of duality that originates from a condition of oneness. Within that oneness there is no time, as you write. As such there is also no beginning or end, which already escapes our comprehension. Whatever is just is but I do believe it is conscious. So you might also say it is God. It is Oneness. It is also called the Zero-point field of Potential I believe, from which the universe(s) arise once this Force that is God becomes active in it.
    This universe or these universes do know time and development and as such I see it or them also as the dream world that is meant for us (everything from quanta till galaxies and beyond and maybe God Itself as well) to gain conscious awareness. As such everything in this world is not real but just a playing field to develop conscious awareness.
    People have been having different views about the concept of this universe all the ‘time’ since they began thinking about it. One of the views these days is that everything and also the universe is a Hologram, which kind of fits in with the view of this world as a ‘tardema’ or deep sleep/dream. In this illusional world each one of us has the possibility to create his own reality. The details of this concept of the universe as a hologram I do not remember but there is a lot of information about it to be found on the internet.”

    I also discussed the subject of the existence of God in an article I wrote myself for this blog
    Does God exist? Is there consciousness outside of the body, or life after death?
    Part of this article you already published on this blog at the time.


  5. Ron B.

    We sure like to put things in boxes, to categorize. I am sure our dog Honey also likes to do that. Of course, lol, we have more boxes than she does so sometimes she looks up at me like I am stupid. Like, what are you saying or doing? Oh well, I will just sit here and wait and all will be well. What I am trying to convey is that every entity has a different point of view. For example if you can imagine yourself being a spirit you would certainly feel Real enough and so might also deal with that humanity box as something different and therefore something to be dealt with in a certain way according to what seems to have worked, the ¨good ¨ and what has not worked ¨the bad¨. So from there it is easy to understand how religion got its energy. At this point in our evolution and I see it as a given, we are experiencing technological advances which enable us to start putting it all together in a clearer manner. It is just a matter of time and experiences. Still complexity will never end.
    Dear John, please feel free to do with this comment whatever you feel like. Hugs.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Ron, for your as-always thoughtful comments.

      We are certainly living in fascinating times. As you said, technology, even with its obvious issues, is a boon to humanity. As far a religion goes — and this is my personal opinion — the role it plays in human lives is diminishing.

      Thanks again.

      Hugs back to you,

  6. Karen Lee Samson

    Dear John,
    Happy New Year ! Yes,I believe in God & all of Nature God created to remind us of his eternal abilities. My Dad, now long deceased, claimed to be an atheist as well as a stellar Chemist. I remember asking my dad as a young child, “ Dad, if you don’t believe in God then how & why are we here?” Why was Earth, people, nature created? Well, he didn’t have a specific answer, it was more a Fear of the unknown I think, and possibly of what happens when we die. Now being a Granmother, doing spiritual mediumship work, knowing there are many spirits,and yes there is A God that created all we know including Aliens, and more we are not aware of yet. I may sound strange, yet I have a strong belief in the Love of our Creator- GOD. I have seen in spirit my deceased sister, Dad, and have had communications from my beloved Grandmother when living in England. Many strange and unique experiences have provided me the confirmation I have been provided thus far. We are all on differing frequencies of discovery…All will lead us to God the source of unconditional Love and new deminsions.
    Just an old gal now residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my indoor fur babies and daily communication as Spirit Speaks.

    • John Cali

      Happy New Year to you too, Karen!

      Thank you so much for sharing the story of your father. Like you, I’ve been communicating with many spirits over the years. They are no more “dead” than any of us, still in physical bodies, are. As you said, we are simply on differing frequencies.

      We are all one, whether we are in the physical world, somewhere else in the universe or in the spirit realms we might call “heaven.” And, however we might think of God, Goddess, or the divine energy that is the foundation of all that is, we are one with that too.

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