Who Are God’s Children?

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My first job out of college was as a New York State probation officer in the United States.

Though I loved the work, I was young and had never seen much of life’s dark side. One of my first assignments was supervising a convicted murderer. It was not an assignment I would have willingly chosen.

Over the months, Bill (not his real name) and I got to know each other well. Despite his awful crime, he was a gentle caring man. Where he’d gone astray, I never knew. I never had any problems with him (unlike some of the other lesser criminals I supervised).

Bill helped me realize as humans we have far more in common than we have differences. We are all God’s children.


We have often said God is all that is. Everything that exists is part of God. It is God.

We realize humans sometimes struggle with that notion. It may be easy, for example, to see the divinity in nature—say a beautiful mountain valley—or in the wild or domestic animals around you.

But the challenge for many humans is in seeing the God or Goddess in other humans. And perhaps most of all, in themselves.

This is a particularly challenging task in today’s world. So many people in many places are experiencing drama and trauma like never before in this, or other, lifetimes.

You might ask “How can I see God in all the people—politicians, criminals, etc.—who do such horrible deeds?”

Your current world is certainly facing immense challenges that seem overwhelming and impossible. As many of your spiritual teachers and leaders have said, this is a time of transformation like none other seen before in the long history of your planet.

Although it might seem like a hopeless world today, devoid of sanity and goodness, this is a time to rejoice. Your world, all humans, are waking up to the realization that God is truly alive and well. God is in charge.

Each of you, as you see yourselves mirrored in the eyes of others, are coming to realize they—and you—are grand and glorious beings of light.

This transformation is a slow process, but is speeding up now. God, Goddess—all of us in the realms of Spirit—are watching over you and your world.

The energy is shifting into a much higher and more powerful place. Despite appearances, there is great hope for your world, and for each of you individually and as a human family.

You have not been abandoned. You are not lost. God is with you. God and Goddess are you.

You have not been saved. For you were never lost. You are all God’s children, Goddess’s children. Rejoice. Be happy. Be at peace. Know you are God, you are Goddess. All is well.

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This video is from Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to The Philippines. Even with its obvious religious overtone, it carries a powerful message: We are all one, God’s children.

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    Tears of joy today, thank you as always.

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