Growth Opportunity #1 by John Cali

My spirit guides recently suggested we do regular postings of “growth opportunities.” What they meant was regularly sharing my personal challenges and insights with all of you. Challenges, as they define them, are opportunities for growth. They generally result in new insights. Here’s the first one:

A few weeks ago I had brief chats with two people I’m close to. Each had major issues they were working through. I offered some advice, even though they hadn’t asked for any. In neither case did it turn out well. They responded kindly, but obviously didn’t appreciate the advice.

My insight: Never offer advice unless people ask for it.

Have you had similar experiences? Please comment below.

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  1. deb

    OOPs, sorry, that was supposed to say 'how much less DRAMA we would all have~ got new contacts in today and haven't adjusted yet!

  2. deb

    Oh, yes! A thousand times! I have heard it advised 'don't try to protect people from life~let them have their own experience' and I think that is so very true! How much less drams we would have if we all stuck to that! It sure can be hard to bite the tongue though! :>)) DEB

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