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posticon Romantic Relationships by John Cali

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As you already know, romantic relationships are a popular topic among us humans. The topic comes up often in conversations I have with many folks. Many times my spirit guides have said  relationships, romantic or not, can be delightful or devastating. Either way they are always opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.… Read more

posticon Growth Opportunity #1 by John Cali

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My spirit guides recently suggested we do regular postings of “growth opportunities.” What they meant was regularly sharing my personal challenges and insights with all of you. Challenges, as they define them, are opportunities for growth. They generally result in new insights. Here’s the first one:… Read more

posticon Affirmations from Spirit by John Cali

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Every now and then, my spirit guides suggest affirmations to me and also to others, especially in private readings. Here are a few recent affirmations:

  • My body will last as long as I choose to live.
  • It will be in good health until the day I die.
  • I have an abundance of money.
  • If the flow of money to me slows to a trickle, I know there’s much more coming to me.
  • I am “lucky” in so many ways.
  • Whatever I need always comes to me.
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