Just a few weeks ago, on Sunday, May 27, Mack Wolford, a Pentecostal minister in West Virginia, was conducting a Sunday service for the members of his congregation. That was his last day on this earth.

Pastor Wolford, a colorful and legendary character, believed Christians should handle poisonous snakes to test their faith in God. He further believed if he was bitten God would heal him. This was a regular part of his congregation’s religious services.

Wolford had no fear of poisonous snakes, and he’d handled them many times before. He’d even survived earlier poisonous snake bites.

During the May 27th service Wolford handled a timber rattlesnake. Then he put the snake on the ground and sat down next to it. The snake bit him on the leg. Believing God would heal him, he sought no medical help. He died that night, after having celebrated his 44th birthday the day before.

Was the pastor simply being foolish, or was he truly a man of faith?

I admire his courage and dedication. But I can’t say I would ever try anything like that. How about you? How strong is your faith?


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