The Best Thing To Wear Is a Smile

The past few weeks we’ve been updating our computer systems and website (again!). Since I’m basically a one-person operation, it’s taking much of my time and energy.

So this week we’re revisiting a newsletter article we published a while back, on the subject of happiness. That topic generates seemingly endless conversation.

My spirit guides have always said happiness is a choice we can freely make. Not everyone agrees with that, as you’ll see in this newsletter article.

Are you happy with your life overall? I know we all have challenges, but some folks have a talent for remaining happy no matter what’s going on around them. How about you? Please share with us below.

We welcome your comments and thoughtful opinions, whether you agree or disagree with us. Please keep your comments polite and relevant to the topic of this article. If needed, we’ll edit for clarity. Also, we’ll delete anything we consider inappropriate.

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