How To Live A Healthy Life by John Cali

My spirit guides often have wise advice for those of us still in physical bodies. Here’s a summary of their advice for living a healthy life.

  • Meditate regularly. It doesn’t have to be a long time. Regularity is more important than length.
  • Pay attention to your breathing. Your breath is your most powerful connection to your soul. That’s why conscious breathing and meditation go well together.
  • Pay attention to what you put into your physical body. Eat food as close as possible to its natural state. Drink lots of pure water.
  • Always look for the joy, the positive in all your experiences — even the challenging ones.
  • Live in a state of deep appreciation. Learn to appreciate everything, “good” and “bad.” It’s ALL good.
  • Move your physical bodies. They were not built to be stationary.
  • Most humans need less sleep than they normally get. Sleep is for physical refreshment, not escape from your life.
  • Finally, never do anything you do not believe is good for you.

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