Is Suicide Ever Justified? by John Cali

In our last blog post, Is The World Driving You Crazy?, we talked about a family murder-suicide. I know this is a tough subject for many folks.

Objections to suicide, including assisted suicide, range across the spectrum—religious, legal, spiritual, practical, and so on. It’s a contentious subject with widely varying and conflicting opinions.

Years ago, in a message I found very comforting, Spirit spoke of suicide. Read it here.


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10 Responses

  1. Joseph

    Suicide is a word name given to a choice, and like any choice in life the individual chose that particular experience, that option, for their lesson and possibly the lesson of others in his chosen circle. Looking at it in any other way is a judgment, thus a misperception based on the illusion that we are separate – our physical being is not connected to our spiritual being = the belief that we are finite. The word carries a negative conotation becasue of mass consciouness’ judgment around such action. Only when humanity comes to the point of seeing through the eyes of Unconditional Love will allowance for such a choice dissolve all judgment and ultimately the need for suicide.

  2. deborah

    What spirit said is very beautiful and I totally agree with it. Yes, suicide is looked poorly on in our society, and at the same time our society doesn’t do much to lift people to a higher place so that depression doesn’t happen. It seems in our society we are alone to deal with depression and anxiety and our self worth.

    I have a friend who’s husband commited suicide several years ago and she told me how her family talked badly about him and called him a coward. I told her I didn’t see what he did was cowardly. It took lots of courage to kill himself. Most people don’t just wake up one morning and decide to take there own lives, it’s something they think about for a long time and to finally come to the conclusion that they can’t continue in the pain they’re in and end it is a courageous act in my opinion.

    I have been in the depths of despair and I can say that it’s the worst pain I have ever endured. So, I have compassion for anyone going thru that type of pain.

    Thank you for talking about this issue, it’s a topic most people don’t want to talk about or even think about, but as a society we really need to and with compassion not judgement.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Deborah. I agree with you — people who are suicidal, or have committed suicide, deserve understanding and compassion, not judgement and condemnation.

      • deborah

        Thank you Chieko, but I’m no longer in that deep despair. I am very happy with my life now, but I understand it and would never condemn anyone for choosing to end it. I hope I will never get that low again. Thanks, Deb

        • Chieko

          You’re most welcome, Deborah. I’m glad it was only my misunderstanding. Now we can have a good laugh about it. 🙂

          Anyway, the article was good, wasn’t it?


          • deborah

            Oh yes, Chieko, a big laugh! I love to laugh and any excuse to laugh is good for me. It was a very good article, and I have to tell myself now and then “this too will pass.” Have a wonderful day. Deb

  3. Karen

    Since ultimately there is no real death of life, what we call death is simply another choice in a series of “now” choices. It’s all our creation, thought by thought by thought. Why judge another for leaving this particular earth life experience? Who says a long life is the best life? It’s not our role to judge another for his or her choices.

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