Stairway To Heaven
© 2006 Till Krech

Eight years ago I had a choice to make: “Are you coming home or do you want to finish your turn?” The temptation to let go was great. The love spoken from these words was so intense that I was truly prepared to leave my earthly body, with all its faults and illnesses, and to reunite with the four women who passed away earlier and who I know will be there to welcome me: my grandmother, my mom, my daughter and my spirit guide.

But then I realized that I have my responsibilities here on earth as well. My wife, children, grandchildren. Also the Running Fox work was not yet completed and thus it came that the following operation, despite the poor odds, was performed successfully and I was, after a recovery period of several months once again capable to do anything.

As a matter of course we all have been part of the life beyond the veils. Many times we incarnated, on earth or elsewhere, in this or other dimensions, as sentient beings or otherwise and each time there has been this in between period in which we were bodiless, part of the life that we call here the other side, the hereafter, the better life, you name it.

But is that other side so very different? The answer to that is twofold. Because of the fact that the vibrations, the energies over there are so much the lighter, it is not necessary to fit on an earthly body. Walking as a vibration only is feasible but of course one might choose to assume for a while an outwardly earthen body to be able to roam the grassy pastures and the slumbering woods, to enjoy the gorgeous flowers with their “unearthly” beautiful colors and scents, or to partake in a kind of social life with all sorts of creatures that are in the “in between” as well and who, just like you, are preparing for their next incarnation.

So, life “there” is not very much different than “here.” You won’t have a permanent body, but while your spirit is not at all altered you will act more or less the same as you were wont to do “in the flesh.”

There are of course many differences. Light and Love prevail, all those bumps and shrubs you ran into during your life are seemingly not existent or either that much undersized than before. You look at everything from a much different perspective and if you are looking down from “above,” zooming in on those who are left behind, you might discover that all sorts of problems that exist there, in fact are no problems at all, or small ones at least. You can look at those from a—so to speak—more mature point of view. Look for example awhile at your little son or daughter who is sweating above his or her homework.

The tasks that are to be done seem to be for you as a parent relatively easy tasks. But then, didn’t we have to learn them as well? Didn’t we sweat about those problems in our own way? Have we not also been desperate while thinking we would never be able to master this or that query? The mountain you faced seemed unclimbable. And yet, you learned to cut the problems into little pieces, and while resolving the remaining parts, you managed to climb the mountain at last. Being there, looking euphorically downward, you could look at and admire what you had accomplished.

Such summit experiences are very important in one’s life, because in that way you learn how to handle the difficulties for which you came to earth in the first place.

And that is exactly what you are doing when you find yourself at the other side. From that higher perspective you will be able to see what happened during your own life. You experience the motion picture of your life and thus you are able to judge for yourself what went right or wrong, which high mountains you successfully conquered and what devastations you might have left behind.

The latter will be something to look after the next time. By and by you learn, together with others who again are in a higher dimension than yourself, to become aware of what was right and what you somehow could have done differently. Hence, together with your guides, step by step a plan is formulated with possible tasks for your next incarnation, implying items such as the choosing of your parents, the social environment in which you will be raised, what chances you will get and what other familiar souls you might encounter in order to be able to indeed bring about these objectives.

There is also room for a plan B (or C or D), in case life doesn’t unfold itself as you have outlined, because beforehand only the major lines are fixed. Interpretation of these depends on how you deal with life itself, which opportunities you do or don’t seize, or finally, at a later age, utilize to work them out.

All this is part of a life beyond the veils. We who find ourselves “downstairs” recognize that those veils are dissolving and we gradually recognize that this process is speeding up rapidly. One happy day we will get the opportunity to shift our perspective to one that looks like that in the other world. At that moment we will have the choice if we’d create paradise on earth.

Copyright © 2014 Hans Brockhuis


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