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Stairway To Heaven
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Eight years ago I had a choice to make: “Are you coming home or do you want to finish your turn?” The temptation to let go was great. The love spoken from these words was so intense that I was truly prepared to leave my earthly body, with all its faults and illnesses, and to reunite with the four women who passed away earlier and who I know will be there to welcome me: my grandmother, my mom, my daughter and my spirit guide.

But then I realized that I have my responsibilities here on earth as well. My wife, children, grandchildren. Also the Running Fox work was not yet completed and thus it came that the following operation, despite the poor odds, was performed successfully and I was, after a recovery period of several months once again capable to do anything.

As a matter of course we all have been part of the life beyond the veils. Many times we incarnated, on earth or elsewhere, in this or other dimensions, as sentient beings or otherwise and each time there has been this in between period in which we were bodiless, part of the life that we call here the other side, the hereafter, the better life, you name it.

But is that other side so very different? The answer to that is twofold. Because of the fact that the vibrations, the energies over there are so much the lighter, it is not necessary to fit on an earthly body. Walking as a vibration only is feasible but of course one might choose to assume for a while an outwardly earthen body to be able to roam the grassy pastures and the slumbering woods, to enjoy the gorgeous flowers with their “unearthly” beautiful colors and scents, or to partake in a kind of social life with all sorts of creatures that are in the “in between” as well and who, just like you, are preparing for their next incarnation.

So, life “there” is not very much different than “here.” You won’t have a permanent body, but while your spirit is not at all altered you will act more or less the same as you were wont to do “in the flesh.”

There are of course many differences. Light and Love prevail, all those bumps and shrubs you ran into during your life are seemingly not existent or either that much undersized than before. You look at everything from a much different perspective and if you are looking down from “above,” zooming in on those who are left behind, you might discover that all sorts of problems that exist there, in fact are no problems at all, or small ones at least. You can look at those from a—so to speak—more mature point of view. Look for example awhile at your little son or daughter who is sweating above his or her homework.

The tasks that are to be done seem to be for you as a parent relatively easy tasks. But then, didn’t we have to learn them as well? Didn’t we sweat about those problems in our own way? Have we not also been desperate while thinking we would never be able to master this or that query? The mountain you faced seemed unclimbable. And yet, you learned to cut the problems into little pieces, and while resolving the remaining parts, you managed to climb the mountain at last. Being there, looking euphorically downward, you could look at and admire what you had accomplished.

Such summit experiences are very important in one’s life, because in that way you learn how to handle the difficulties for which you came to earth in the first place.

And that is exactly what you are doing when you find yourself at the other side. From that higher perspective you will be able to see what happened during your own life. You experience the motion picture of your life and thus you are able to judge for yourself what went right or wrong, which high mountains you successfully conquered and what devastations you might have left behind.

The latter will be something to look after the next time. By and by you learn, together with others who again are in a higher dimension than yourself, to become aware of what was right and what you somehow could have done differently. Hence, together with your guides, step by step a plan is formulated with possible tasks for your next incarnation, implying items such as the choosing of your parents, the social environment in which you will be raised, what chances you will get and what other familiar souls you might encounter in order to be able to indeed bring about these objectives.

There is also room for a plan B (or C or D), in case life doesn’t unfold itself as you have outlined, because beforehand only the major lines are fixed. Interpretation of these depends on how you deal with life itself, which opportunities you do or don’t seize, or finally, at a later age, utilize to work them out.

All this is part of a life beyond the veils. We who find ourselves “downstairs” recognize that those veils are dissolving and we gradually recognize that this process is speeding up rapidly. One happy day we will get the opportunity to shift our perspective to one that looks like that in the other world. At that moment we will have the choice if we’d create paradise on earth.

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In this video Abraham (Esther Hicks) talks about life after death.



About Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an E-mail to this address mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox” in the subject line.


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11 Responses

  1. Hans

    Your mother’s sense of humor definitely did not leave her when she sent me the rocking chair image she found too draughty. Reminds me of a former British TV show: “Not the nine o’clock news”, starting each night at nine and broacasting the news in a very informal way. (Grin)

  2. Margaret

    Yes, having a sense of humour helps get you through. My husband has lived on a healthy diet of the Goon Shows by Spike Milligan and to be able to laugh at yourself very liberating!

    My husband was berated at school for laughing so much. “You can’t laugh your way through life” his teacher would say but he has managed rather well I would say. Lol

    Thanks for this happy exchange
    Margaret 🙂

  3. Margaret

    Thank you Hans. I like to think my mother is still making laughter in the beyond. It is when I laugh I feel closest to her.
    Funny that the image of a rocking chair came to you. I asked her once if she would have liked to be the old woman by the fire in her rocking chair, as would have been the case in the past…..thinking of the old family life in Ireland where my mum came from. “No”, she said without a moment’s hesitation…”far too draughty”. Her syraightforward pragmatism used to make me laugh!

    Thanks for reaching out to her for me.

    Take care

  4. Hans

    You are very welcome Margaret. When I tune into the vibration of your late mother I indeed come across a very cheerful woman who was able to fill any room with her splendid love, light and laughter. A rocking chair comes to mind; no idea what the meaning of that can be.

    I am glad I have been able to be helpful in dealing with your grief. More articles about messages from the other world, by myself and others (including John Cali) are to be found on my bilingual website:

    Wish you well,


  5. Margaret

    Dear Hans,
    I meant to reply to you before to thank you for this. I first came to John Cali’s site because I had googled “Where are the dead now?”
    My mother had passed over and I knew she was still somewhere because she visited me (another story). I found my way to this very article Beyond the Veils and found it answered my question a great deal. The ideas are still new to me and I am still “trying them on for size” if you know what I mean.

    What an experience you have had to have passed over but chosen to come back. Because I didn’t want to let my mother go I feel I went through a ‘portal’ with her…..was that to an ‘in between’ place you talk about. It was a very special time for both of us. To the senses she was dying yet her room seemed full of light and the carers angels and I knew mum was going somewhere full of light and love as you describe. I wanted to join her on that journey and for a long time I have wanted to die so I could. I have found this site and your cobtributions extremely helpful in dealing with my grief.

    Thank you.

    Love, light and laughter
    My mum had a wicked sense of humour and laughed so easily.

    Take care
    look forward to the next blog……


  6. Hans

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks very much for your comment. I am very sorry to hear about all your ailments. Regarding myself, during this lifetime I have come accross a lot of them as well. I was born with one lung and a Ventricle Septum Defect (Hole between the heart chanbers). And that was just the beginning.

    Of course, and you did not expect me to, I am not able to cure you. All I know, there will come a very happy day you are going to lay aside the body that has tormented you for so long and be reborn in the place ‘beyond the veils.’ I promise you, you will be welcomed there cheerfully and with beating drums.

    Wish yu well Chris!

    • Chris

      Thank you for the thoughtful reply. But I’m not ready to leave. I want to enjoy this beautiful earth and my family and being human for a while longer. I just wish I could do that with less pain and fear of pain. I’ll admit that at the worst of times I seriously considered offing myself. But, then I thought of what that would do to my wonderful, precious, prince of a husband, and to my daughters. And then there’s my 10 year old granddaughter. I thought it would be particularly devastating for her because we are very close. And so I am still here.

  7. Hans

    Thank you for your comment, Susan. Of course the ‘veils’ are not a physical concept. Nor did you think about it that way. In my article it is just an approach to describe the notion that in most cases we will not be able to take a look into the place where we all have been and to where we return once we will pass over. Indeed, in that way they’re your own thoughts of separation as you correctly define them.

    During the time (again a notion that is not valid here) you/your soul/your higher self/you name it, was preparing yourself for your next incarnation, made plans as to what issues you would encounter, once again on earth/in the flesh. In order to be able to learn faster, you and your advisors agreed on setting up a wall (the veils) to separate yourself from ‘the other side’. In my view those are the veils we are talking about.

    Sometimes (N.D.E.) however it is possible, and probably required, to take in a glimpse into that world to reconnect briefly with certain conceptions and with loved ones that passed over earlier. In that way you will be able to strengthen and reinforce the way you are living here and if necessary probably make some adjustments.

    Thanks again, Susan. Wish you well!

  8. Margaret

    Dear Chris,
    So sorry to hear what you are going through but you are not abandoned. Here we are rallying to your side, encouraging you. Trust on….your immortal life is being revealed. Don’t give up….you can climb this mountain. Maybe just rest awhile while you gather your strength for the next ascent. We are by your side. Rest for now
    Loving thoughts coming to you.


  9. Chris

    I found this post profoundly depressing. Unlike your situation, my physical challenges started 25 years ago when I began to experience searing pain that increased with any type of movement including such mundane things as brushing my teeth and getting dressed. Over 20 doctors had no answer though I had undergone all manner of test. A diagnosis of FMS and CFS ensued within a year. Prior to the diagnoses, I was convinced that doctor’s had missed a serious disease and that I had weeks to live. I wanted nothing more than to be admitted to a hospital and put on morphine until I passed over.
    A few months after the diagnoses I began to see a pain management doctor who was himself in chronic pain. He had attended a pain management clinic out if state and had read volumes of research. He saved my life. The following 15 years, through drug therapy and meditation, I was able to walk with less pain and resumed my yoga practice with some adjustments. My family and I settled to the new normal. Though I missed my former active life, I had time to start on a spiritual path for which I am very grateful. However, within a couple of years I started to feel guilty that I was not able to heal myself. I was taught that if I truly wanted to be healed, it would happen.
    About 4 years ago another pain crisis began with extreme back pain making all physical activity nearly impossible: no more morning strolls, no yoga, no gardening, etc.,. Eventually I saw a surgeon. He discovered that the lower portion of a formerly benign minor scoliosis curve had nearly collapsed into a sharp “C” which resulted in,or at the least exacerbated, misaligned vertebrae, bulging discs, bone spurs, among other issues. .
    Last Spring I had areal crisis of faith. After back to back bladder injections, the painful symptoms remained followed by enervating vaginal buzzing and burning for all of which doctors could find no cause. I barely slept sometimes giving without any sleep for 2 nights running.
    How does one navigate a situation like this? I meditated, prayed, focused on the many blessings in my life … all the steps that had helped me during past crises, but none brought me relief or the tiniest bit of hope. I felt completely abandoned by Spirit/God/The Universe.
    Have you ever experienced this feeling? Anyone? What did you do.

  10. Susan

    Thank you, Hans, for your very timely article. The other day I was having a conversation with a neighbor and we were talking about “the veils”. Neither one of us could actually define what the term meant, however. I am thinking now that they may be our own thoughts of separation. Is that correct?

    Love and blessings,

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