Life’s Eternal Questions #1

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You are God. ~ John Cali and Spirit



Over the years, folks have asked us many questions. I’ve recently begun to organize their questions and our answers. So we thought it would be a good idea to occasionally post  those questions and answers. I hope you enjoy this first “installment.”

How do I continue living with my body when my soul has already died?

Your soul cannot die. Your soul is your true self, your higher self, your spirit—whatever word you prefer. It’s who you are. Your body is energized and supported by your soul, Your body, obviously, can and will die. But not your soul—it is eternal.


Can I get enlightened by breathing meditation? How many phases does it involve?

Meditation certainly is a powerful tool for becoming more spiritually aware and aligned. However, no one needs to become enlightened. You are all part of that divine energy—call it God, Spirit or whatever term you want. As a part of God, you already are enlightened. You’ve just forgotten it.

So the key here is to simply remember you already are enlightened. Meditation definitely helps with that.


What is some evidence that the human spirit exists?

If you’re looking for cold, scientific, fact-based evidence, you probably won’t find any. But if you’re willing to go beyond what you perceive in this physical world to that intuitive, spiritual knowing that lives deep within you, you’ll find all the “evidence” you need there.

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In this short video, Answering the Deep Question of Existence, Neale Donald Walsch asks God some questions we all have had at one time or another.


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  1. George

    You already know my reply; just meditate on it.
    Love, George

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