Messages from the Dragonfly by John Cali

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Since I’m once again away from home this week, our weekly newsletter article is short.

A couple nights ago I noticed a beautiful long-legged brown fly on one of the kitchen window sills. I moved to get a closer look, and realized he had only one wing. He wasn’t afraid of me, and just stood there. He looked like a miniature dragonfly—although dragonflies have four wings, and this little creature had only one.

Even with only one wing he obviously could still fly or he could not have been sitting on the window sill six feet off the ground.

He stayed there several hours before finally flying away. I knew he had a message for me..

The message, as I understood it, was simple. Even if we’re “crippled” by the world’s standards, we can still fly. Having one wing did not keep this little creature from living a normal life, and flying as if he had two wings.

My spirit guides have often talked about the profound messages we humans can get from the natural world—if we’re paying attention. Here is what they told me once:

Pay attention to the animals in your life. Especially when they appear to you unexpectedly. They have a message for you. The animals in your life are always messengers from Spirit.”


This beautiful video explains the lessons we can learn from dragonflies:

Have you ever received messages from the animals? Or from birds, insects, trees, etc? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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About John Cali

John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions: Conversations With Spirit, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming.

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  1. Alanna

    I believe this could be a great opportunity to learn more of my Capoeira Name.

    In Capoeira one is “baptized” with a name that resembles your personality, looks, and or attitude in class. This can be any word in Brasilian Portuguese. My name is Beija-Flor which means hummingbird. After that, I see hummingbirds everywhere! Although the name is very appropriate due to my stature and energetic personality, I also believe the hummingbird could have a great message for me and my journey.

    Thank you John for your newsletters… They are always so appropriate and gently moving.

  2. Melanie

    I was trapped in a very bad and destructive marrage at the time praying for god to give me a sign. What should I do about this I needed to have him out of my life but I thought that god would not approve. So as I wandered along a city lane out of no where a wasp came and stung my ring finger. I was holding my hands behind my back they where clasped together how he knew what finger was beonde me. My finger began to swell so I snatched off my ring, Then it hit me. I felt a blast of energy when I relized I can move on I don’t have to be bullied and beaten again. The ring never went back on I have had other things happen but that one was so clear and perfect and made me absolutly know how connected we are if we pay attention.

  3. Susan

    Thank you so much for the beautiful video — I really haven’t seen a dragonfly since I was a child! At this point in time, I am fascinated by the hawks that appear. Spirit shows up in all forms — it’s all perfect! Totally amazing and magical show…

  4. Damian

    There is a spot, about 30 miles north of Rock Springs, Wy. It has petroglyphs, volcano cores, sand dunes and abundant wild life. Last Sunday, I need to find something and Steamboat Mountain was calling me. I had asked several people to come with me, but I found myself alone. Maybe that is how it was to be. Anyway, on my return home on the long dusty dirt road, an antelope ran across the road in front of me. I wanted to take some pictures so I pull my truck off to the side and looked back. The antelope was gone, however, I did see someone in a four wheeler coming up behind me. I decided to leave, but when I turned my attention back to the front of me there was a small herd of wild horses heading towards the road. They were absolutely beautiful! Whites, greys, browns and black, majestic and magical. I knew that the four wheeler behind me would be approaching soon, so I waited till they were close enough, I stepped on my breaks to flash my lights as a warning, but they drove right past me as they waved, and drove right through the herd as they were in the middle of the road. It split the herd in two, and the large white stallion seemed very upset, stamping and rearing as the dust blocked his view of the split herd. As the dust settled, he marched his way back across the road and retrieved the rest of the herd and turned them back, to what I assume was water, that time of day just before sunset, which I commonly refer to as ‘The Magic Hour’.
    As I read your message about dragonfly, it occurs to me that the stallion, who returned with the rest of his herd, leading them on the original course…well, the message I have is there may be interruptions along your path, but keep focused and the path will return after the dust has settled.
    Thank you for sharing, John. As always, love to read what you and spirit have to say. May the leaves of the forest shade you. Damian.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Damian, for sharing your beautiful story. The animals truly are messengers from Spirit. All we have to do is pay attention.

    • Barbara

      What an absolutely wonderful story, Damian. I hope to see the wild horses next time I am in Wyoming.

  5. Sylvia

    When I moved to my current residence 2 years ago, it was very difficult to adjust. I was sitting at the window looking out and feeling pretty blue when a squirrel came to the window and just sat there for several minutes. Considering I live in a city on the 2nd floor of a concrete building this was definitely a sign for me. He “knew” I needed a friend and that I love animals. My children call me the squirrel whisperer because when we go camping they all come up to me and even climb on my lap, but this was very special. Thank you, Sylvia

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sylvia. What a beautiful connection you have with the animals! We appreciate your sharing.

  6. Angela

    Thank you John! I’ve been noticing dragonflies lately…I had not seen any for a long time, then I saw two in one day! Thank you for the reminder to tune in and receive my own message from them 🙂

  7. Barbara

    What an absolutely beautiful video. I love it! It reminds me very much of our experience with the beautiful little dragonfly I wrote about in my article “Shimmering Dragonfly”. Absolutely beautiful.
    Barbara x

  8. Lindah

    Whenever i am aware of it…birds in different ‘numbers’ will tell me where i am at for the day or in that moment…i.e. the number 3 (3 birds) like in numerology or the tarot “The Empress” says i am right on track and reminds me the abundance abounds, something is about to harvest, i have a great idea, etc…when my cat wakes me up at a certain ‘time’ i calculate the numerology i.e. 4:56am (4+5+6=15…1+5=6) is “The Lovers” card in the tarot telling me that i am about to make an important decision, meet someone that matches my dominant vibration and ideas in that moment, meet someone new (if im negative then it is someone negative, vice-versa), meet someone i am attracted to, etc

    if there is more than one fly in my house or anothers house, i count them and line this up with the overall ‘feeling’ i get in that moment and have an ‘impression’…of whats going on in that moment. then i ask the flys to leave the room visualizing them flying out the nearest window or door and sure enough they do.

    life is a ‘mirror’ i love and appreciate it! 🙂

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Lindah, for sharing your experiences with all those magical creatures. They certainly are great carriers of messages from Spirit.

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