The New Year

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In 1977, Mother Teresa visited the four founders of the Foundation for Inner Peace. (As you may know, the foundation is the publisher of A Course in Miracles.)

In their conversation, the group talked about all the sadness and suffering in our modern world. Mother Teresa said, “…it is actually a disease….” The others asked her if there was any cure. She replied, “Yes. The cure is called love, and thank God it is contagious.”

What a great reply!


Although it was years ago, Mother Teresa’s answer to that question is even more relevant today than it was then. Love is the cure for all that ails the world. Love is always the answer, no matter what the problem. Whether it be a worldwide problem or a personal problem, love is always the answer. It’s the only answer.

The so-called pandemic is arguably the biggest of your problems at the moment. A while back, we spoke about it. Here’s a summary of what we said:

Sometimes the universe will send you a seeming catastrophe in a blatant move to wake you up. (The coronavirus, for example.)

You, your world, your countries have been battling each other for centuries. Where has that gotten you? Nowhere! Except deeper into darkness and despair.

As a world, you need to wake up and move into the glorious golden age that is literally on your doorstep. You no longer have the luxury of time. It needs to be done now! The coronavirus is your wake-up call.

You must realize your biggest enemy is not the virus, but your fear of it. Fear is a choice. Love is a choice. Choose love and fear won’t stand a chance. Neither will the coronavirus.

The virus is bringing you together as a global family like no other event in human history ever has. It’s bringing out the love that is your very essence.

As you enter your new year of 2022, we urge you to remember love. Nothing else matters. Love will take you home.

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In this video, one of our favorite bands, Celtic Thunder, sing about going home.

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  1. Jeannie

    Wonderful message and a very true one! Thank you 🙂

    A belated Merry Christmas !

    And a very Happy New Year, filled with love and joy.

    Love is definitely the key

    love and hugs
    by the way, I am Jeannie because my mom was Jean. Calling me Jean led to very interesting conversations with the boys that wanted a date. 🙂

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