Beware so long as you live, of judging people by appearances. ~ Jean de La Fontaine, French poet

Hobos2Hobos, United States Library of Congress

Years ago we wrote a post about a hobo in my western New York State hometown. For many years he lived in the woods by the railroad tracks, not far from town. Although people would pass by his little shack now and then, he never spoke to anyone.

We always thought he was just a sad, pitiful lost soul, with no family or support. He wanted nothing to do with people. To be honest, people in my small town—including me—judged him pretty harshly.

My spirit guides once talked about our “rush to judgement” of other people. Here’s part of what they said:

You judge and criticize and condemn others based solely on appearances. But nothing is as it seems.

Those appearances are always projections from within you to the outer world you see around you.

In fact, the world within you is the world around you. They are one and they are the same.

You cannot judge or criticize, or condemn another without judging, criticizing, and condemning yourself.

P.S. That “sad, pitiful lost soul” died one day years later. He was discovered by someone who happened to be taking a walk in the woods.

That’s when we found out he came from a powerful and wealthy family. But we did not know the pain and sadness he must surely have felt—nor could we have.

I often wonder, even today all these years later, if we would have judged him so harshly if we’d known more about him. I would hope we’d have been more compassionate.


This is a short, sobering video on how easily we judge others when we know nothing about them—except their external appearance.

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Have you ever judged someone by external appearances when you first met him or her? What happened after you got to know that person? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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