Playing at Growing Older by John Cali

Most of the folks I know, especially in my age group, dread growing older. And for many, when they reach a certain point, the process truly is dreadful.

But that is not the way it has to be. Nor, do I believe, is it the way it’s supposed to be.

Here’s a magnificent man who proves growing older can be joyful and fun.

And here’s Spirit


As we’ve said many times over the years, life is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t you’re missing the reason you came to this lifetime to begin with. Even in the midst of challenges, small or large, you can find fun and joy. But you have to look for it. You have to create it.

This may sound odd to some folks — but if you dread growing older, you’ll age faster. If you’re constantly saying “There’s never enough time,” you’ll age faster.

The energy, the vibration you generate when you obsess over time (or aging) physically and negatively affects every cell in your physical body. You place great stress on your body. Therefore it ages faster, and deteriorates sooner rather than later.

You cannot avoid aging, or moving through the years. But you don’t have to fall apart in the process. You are all perfectly capable of coming to the end of this physical lifetime in a state of excellent health. Then you simply decide you’ve had enough for this time around and consciously move on to your next adventure.

If you’re living your life actively and joyfully like Stephen in that video, you can easily live far beyond what your society considers a normal lifespan — even to well beyond 100 years.

However, the length of your life is far less important than the quality of it. In our view, the only criterion of a successful life is the amount of joy you have created.

So have fun. Be joyful. Love yourself. Love others. Love all that is. That is what life is all about.

Life is not serious. Nor is death. It’s all part of the game you’ve decided to play. So enjoy it! And start playing at growing older.


What are your thoughts about growing older? Do you dread it or look forward to it? Please share with us below.

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  1. Helen Behd

    Having a flexible frame of mind and keeping a never faltering frame of optimism, spirituality and sense of wonder, disconnecting from negative people and circumstances – these are my tools to not aging. Our societies obsession with youth, money and sexual perfection is slowly destroying the kids coming up today who look at anyone over 40 as dinosaurs. Create your own happy orbit, revel in nature, take care of your body & talk to your cells! Play – it’s good for you!

  2. anny

    Hi John,

    A great article and an amazing video, very inspiring. I so agree that life is supposed to be fun.

    However, what is fun is not the same for everybody.

    What this man is doing is obviously fun for him but for me it would be an awful chore I would consider I had to do, which in itself already defeats the purpose. Already as a kid I hated stuff like that but loved to curl up with a book and experience amazing adventures this way. And I still adore doing that by stretching my mind to the limit and always looking for different ways to look at things. I love to contemplate more than meditate and increasingly I find that everything that I experienced as difficult in the past has really been a blessing in disguise which created opportunities for me to grow wiser and more compassionate.

    I do enjoy walking and going out into nature too but always the calm variety. I have always been this way and it has nothing to do with growing older – I am completely fine with that and I see the new and rich possibilities of each new phase in life. Why put your focus (and fear) on a deterioration of the body if you can also focus on gaining wisdom as you grow older, which kind of is the purpose of life I think. And everone can do that in his or her own way.



    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Anny. I agree with you — I would not find a lot of fun in the same activities Stephen does. As you said, it’s important for all of us to find our own fun things to do. And as my spirit guides say, the more fun we have — the more joy we bring into our lives — the more successful we are.

      Love, John

  3. Micki

    Hi John,

    What a wonderful man he is, and what an inspiration for us all young and old. I am a bit old fashioned in my thinking and have always believed that life is what you make it and its up to each and everyone of us to fulfill whatever it is that makes whatever each of us wants. I look forward to every day and try in my way to do, learn or try something new.
    You John, are an inspiration to me, you are always positive and full of joy, thank you.
    Huge hugs,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Micki! I guess I’m old-fashioned too — I believe our lives are whatever we make them. Of course, that’s the same idea so many teachers and guides talk about — we create our own realities by the thoughts we choose to think. That’s still a tough one for so many to accept.

      You’re an inspiration to me too, my dear!

      Big hugs and much love,

  4. Conshana

    Some of us are blessed with names that will NEVER permit us to become old, and i happen to be one of them~!

    I’ve gone through multiple heart attacks, couple of strokes, hemorrhages that left me reeling, and the doctors didn’t think i would survive ( Needless to say, I did – I’m writing this~! ),,,
    So what is the cure ??? This man has a portion of it,,, but to delay indefinitely the aging process, develop the most elementary attribute of a child,,, The ability to ask, “WHY?”,,,
    CURIOSITY in a human in ANY discipline is so important~! And formal education is really the LEAST of the requirements~!
    At the moment, I am attempting to reconcile quantum physics, Dark Matter and its ally, Dark Energy, with Holography and Spirituality,,, and what I’m coming up with is purely amazing~!
    All i have to do now is figure out how to express in a coherent manner what I’m finding out~!
    Love Yourself. Love your Neighbor. Accept people for the Gems in God’s Crown that they are~!
    You’ll find that people are really beautiful, when we let them be~!
    And me??? I’ll Never be an old man, even if I live to be a Hundred and ten,,, It’s impossible~!
    My last name is Young~!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much! You said it all very eloquently. I love your perspective!


  5. Stephanie

    AMEN .. QUALITY of life is oh so much more important than QUANTITY of life!
    I GREATLY appreciate that I feeeel half my chronological age …
    THANK YOU Universe …
    Aging may be required ….. but decline is optional .. ha ha

    Thank you for the reminder that joyful activity keeps us young-at-heart !

  6. L

    Oh my gosh!! This man is sooooooo amazing.
    Creative, talented, intelligent and above all humble.
    What a delight to watch him 🙂 If this doesn’t
    inspire you, nothing will

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