In today’s partisan, chaotic world, we rush to judgment and are slow to forgive.

In Tina Spalding’s book, Jesus: My Autobiography, Jesus says “Judgment is the biggest crime that can be committed against yourself and against others.”

How often do we even notice when we are judging? In our opinion, not often.


One of the human traits we in spirit find fascinating is your reluctance to forgive.

When you perceive, in your limited vision, another has harmed you, you often focus on the “harm” and not on your part in creating that harm.

And so you often find yourselves holding onto grudges and bitterness.

Often, that holding on will literally eat away at your body. Hence you have all these dreaded diseases running rampant on your planet today.

Chief among those, arguably the worst, is cancer. And of course, there are many others.

Cancer literally eats away your physical bodies. If you happen to be one of those suffering from cancer—or any other dis-ease—we would ask you to do a bit of self-examination.

There is no dis-ease today that is not caused by you. Most times, the true cause is your unwillingness to forgive. We will address this topic again soon. But between now and then, we ask you to do some really deep self-examination.

Who, what, and why in your lives are you unwilling to forgive?

Take some time to do this self-examination. If you are suffering from any disease, discomfort, or dread in your lives, it is for one reason only: UNFORGIVENESS.

In this self-examination, you will discover the hidden power of forgiveness. Therein lies your key to total healing—physical, emotional, spiritual.

We’ll talk more again soon about forgiveness.

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This video’s title might surprise you: The Time When Buddha Could Not Forgive. But the powerful lesson here is even more surprising.

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