Question and Answer Series #1—Protection From Harm

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Lately, we’ve been talking about the coronavirus. While we do not want to dwell on it too much, we realize it’s been preying on nearly everyone’s minds.

As Spirit has said before, the fear around the virus is worse than the virus itself. The big question is “How much protection do you need?”

Lately, Berna and Spirit have held a series of question-and-answer talks. Occasionally, we’ll be using some of those for posts. Today is the first one.


Many years ago, I had a dream about standing in the middle of a cornfield, as a man, in the 18th or 19th century. Some soldiers were aiming their guns at me. But I felt extremely powerful, and knew I was protected by God, and nothing could harm me.

I still can recall that feeling I had in the dream. Did this really happen? Or was it a dream to show me how you feel when you truly, consciously, are connected to God?


(Note: We’ve abbreviated Spirit’s answer here to delete details not relevant to the message.)

This was a traumatic time of conflict between the United States government and an American Indian tribe. It was a challenging time for everyone involved. In one particular battle, some of the people involved discovered, after the battle, their clothes were riddled with bullet holes. But they had not been injured. You were one of those people. Some of those, you included, involved in the battle had invoked the power of God to protect them. 

You are protected at all times anyway. But when people get sick or injured, it’s because they’ve lost the vision of who they truly are. They don’t remember they are protected at all times.

The only way people become sick, or injured, or have an accident is they have lost that vision. That vision of always being safe on every level, physical and spiritual. Know you are always safe and protected from harm. You need no protection beyond this.

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Edited by Berna Copray


In this short video, spiritual coach Candace van Dell tells us how to feel safe and protected within ourselves.

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6 Responses

  1. fire earth

    Wow Thank you so much
    Truly joyous uplifting spirit mind body Thank you with blessings love peace & harmony to all creatures humans & the unwell. Much Healing to us all Beloved Emily

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome. Thank you for your comments. I’m sure your healing thoughts are making a powerful difference in this world.

  2. Pat

    Love it, thank you John. Little nuggets of truth to help me in my day. Hugs from your Colorado neighbor.

  3. jennifer

    Very helpful…Thank you both so much. Timely indeed because I’m taking a psychic course that works with heavy protection yet it doesn’t quite resonate when I do their method. This made perfect sense. Have a wonderful upcoming Summer…

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Jennifer. Years ago, I took a course similar to what you describe. As with you, it did not resonate with me. You have a wonderful summer too!

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