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Last night I sat down at my desk to read an article on the human-animal connection. As I glanced at the article I spied a tiny, fuzzy, rather cute little bug crawling over the paper. Was that a “coincidence?”

My first thought was to squash the bug. But that was so contrary to my chosen way of life — I do not believe in killing animals, even bugs.

With bugs I usually pick them up with a special “bug box” I have. Then I take them outside and release them.

So that cute little bug went on to live out its natural lifetime. Or at least it didn’t die at my hands.

Am I crazy? Many would say I am. I prefer to think I have what Dr. Albert Schweitzer calls “reverence for life.” As he said, “Reverence for life is the highest court of appeal.”


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16 Responses

  1. Carin

    Some years ago in the summer there were a lot of wasps. My neighbours had a huge problem with them in their apartments. At first they came in to my apartment too, but I decided to try a different approach, and made a deal with them. I promised to feed them sugar and water on the balcony, if they didn’t come into the apartment. They kept the deal, until one day when one wasp was flying around in the kitchen. I reminded him about our deal, but it kept flying around me. So I went out on the balcony to show him the plate – and realized there was no sugar or water left. I quickly refilled the plate for them, and apologized for forgetting to keep my part of the deal. The wasp then flied out and didn’t bother me again. Neither did any of the other wasps, because I made sure there were always sugar and water for them.

  2. Shana

    Recently I was sitting outside on the back porch. I tiny bee flew and landed right in front of me. He sat on a blade of grass. He rubbed his front hands/legs on the grass then rubbed his eyes. He again rubbed the blade of grass with his hair thin front legs, then washed his eyes again. He washed the back of his neck, turned his head from side to side.

    I learned that every animal no matter how small has a consciousness. How else would he know that he needed to wash his eyes.

    When I was younger, I loved animals, but didn’t realize they were all just little people like us. Recently I saved a wild mallard duck. He visited us every day looking for food. After a while I realized his eyes had a problem, so we took him to the local wildlife sanctuary. Where he recovered. I just recently re-released him back to his wild natural home. He taught me what love is.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Shana, for your comments. Like you, I loved animals when I was younger, but didn’t appreciate them as I do now. I love your perspective of them as “just little people like us.”

      Thanks again,

  3. Shane Black

    I always transport inside the house bugs out. Many will walk onto my hand.

    My father does the same, in fact he will let dragonflies land on his hand, and bring them into the house to show his wife and let them out after.

    I believe they have no fear of us because they sense our love.



  4. Micki

    Hi John, all of the above, I found as I grow older, how life gets more precious everyday, how, even without thinkng, you walk around ants, where once you would just step on them, you would squish grass hoppers eating your flowers or vegies, now you say well I am just sharing the crops and you help out the bugs in your space and return them to their space 🙂
    Life is about living and all living things. Thank you again for giving us all food for thought.
    Love and hugs to you.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Micki. I too find myself being careful when I walk so I don’t hurt any of the little crawling creatures.

      Love & hugs to you too,

  5. andy

    Hi John.
    Why does it seem so easy to destroy and so hard to preserve?
    Your thoughts are powerful energy to me and I’m glad to have found you.
    Thank you

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Andy, for your thoughts. I think our world is turning around, but — as you say — destruction is so ingrained in the mass consciousness. If we don’t like something, the simple solution is to destroy it, or “wage war” against it.

      Thanks again,

  6. Joseph

    I don’t recall when I too became a ‘transporter’ rather than ‘executioner’. I only wish it were ingrained earlier so that several ants would have been spared the horrific death at my hands with a magnifying glass. The ‘golden rule’ association was only with other human beings, not our beloved animal and plant brothers and sisters during my adolesence. I wish there were a children’s book to teach loving allowance for all things to be. Knowing what I know now I realize all was just an experience for a growth in awareness and now I have the opportunity to practice another gift of awareness – forgiveness. There trurly is alway a good side to all preceived bad events / practices. Reverence, like forgiveness and gratitude, love and joy are all gifts from our inner knowing covered by layers of darkness but relentlessly seeking the light.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your experiences. I completely agree with you — there is always a good side to “bad” experiences. As my spirit guides often say, our higher selves can help us draw good out of even the most horrific life experiences.


  7. Cristian Cupertino

    hardly crazy John.

    I’m an insect “transporter” as well,
    in addition to not eating meat or
    wearing animal products.

    be well


  8. Jenelle

    Hi John!

    I smiled as I read this blog post, as I too have a heightened reverence for life. My family teased me the first time they saw me carefully pick up and carry a bug from the house to the backyard. I even talk to the bugs as I’m transferring them…telling them not to be afraid, and that I’m going to bring them back to their home outside.

    I put myself in their place, and think about how I’d feel if I landed in a foreign place, inhabited by beings that were much larger than myself, and was in danger of being potentially smashed or tortured because of it. How terrifying would that be?

    Food for thought to be sure….

    I try to have respect and gratitude for all forms of life in every beautiful, precious moment of my days 🙂

    Thank you again for being who you are in all of our lives, John! You are an amazing gift waiting to be experienced, as your wisdom-filled blog posts and newsletters so humbly and lovingly grace our computer Inboxes.

    Love & Light to you always,

    • John Cali

      Hi Jenelle,

      Thanks very much. I love your way of treating bugs. I appreciate your kind words. They touched me deeply.


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