The Spirit of Compassion

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Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace. ~ Albert Schweitzer


Syrian Refugee Children

I thought a good way to start the new year would be to focus on something so much of today’s world seems to be lacking—compassion.

It’s easy to feel compassion for those we love. (I picked that image above because the little boy looks so much like my grandson.)

It’s easy to feel compassion for those we agree with, those who are, basically, the same as us.Read more

What You Ought To Know about Loneliness

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We are all so much together, but we are dying of loneliness. ~ Albert Schweitzer


You would think in this super-connected world we live in no one would feel lonely. Communication is literally instantaneous, even across thousands of miles. And yet there is an epidemic of loneliness plaguing so many people all across the globe.

One of our readers wrote me recently. With her permission, I want to share with you part of her letter:

I’ve been thinking of our last conversation with Spirit and how you told me I already know everything.Read more

How Do You Know If You Are Making A Positive Difference In People’s Lives? by John Cali and Spirit

Albert_Schweitzer_1952Albert Schweitzer, M.D.
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Nobel Foundation

Have you ever wondered if you were actually making a difference in the world? I certainly have asked myself that question, many times. Most of us will never achieve the level of world service that Albert Schweitzer, and others like him, did. But that does not mean we should do nothing.

When I first started on this spiritual path many years ago I had two goals. First, I wanted to create the life of my dreams; and second, I wanted to help others create the lives of their dreams.Read more

What Is Your Relationship with Animals? by John Cali


I’ve loved animals all my life. When I was growing up in a rural area of New York State we were surrounded by animals—wild creatures, farm animals, household pets. Although we loved our pets, we saw wild and farm animals differently, more as resources to serve us. They were not part of the family, as pets were.

A friend, Barbara Clark from Scotland, visited me in Wyoming this past summer. She’s also an animal lover and a talented animal communicator.Read more

Reverence For Life by John Cali

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Last night I sat down at my desk to read an article on the human-animal connection. As I glanced at the article I spied a tiny, fuzzy, rather cute little bug crawling over the paper. Was that a “coincidence?”

My first thought was to squash the bug. But that was so contrary to my chosen way of life — I do not believe in killing animals, even bugs.

With bugs I usually pick them up with a special “bug box” I have.… Read more