Your Shadow Self

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While we are not religious, we do find much wisdom in the Bible, and in the world’s other sacred texts.

This is a powerful, insightful statement from the Bible:
“Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and never notice the plank in your own?” Gospel of Matthew 7:4

The legendary Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung popularized the term, “shadow self.”


Years ago, when Johnny first heard the term “shadow self,” it made him uncomfortable. He could not accept the idea all humans have a dark side.

While we believe, and are constantly reminding folks they are God, all of you do have a dark side, a shadow self.

So what is this so-called “shadow self?”

You might ask, “If I am God, how can I have a shadow self (or dark side)?” After all, we have also said there is no darkness in God.

That’s true—there is no darkness in God. So are we contradicting ourselves here?

Many times, we’ve said you are God. And we said, just above, “all of you do have a dark side, a shadow self.”

Your shadow self, your dark side is very real to most of you. You believe you are a blend, if you will, of good and evil, darkness and light. In this sense, you do have a shadow self, a dark side.

But when you come to see yourselves as we see you, and as God sees you, your shadow self (or dark side) vanishes.

You see, you have no dark side, no shadow self. You only think you do. But that is just a lie your world has dumped on you.

You live in a world of illusion—a world that is basically a lie. As you grow on your spiritual path, you will see through the illusion, the lie you think is real. You will come out of the other side of the illusion, the lie, into the light of God.

In that light of God, your shadow self is no more.

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In this short video, the author, Alan Watts speaks of our shadows.

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  1. Mike W

    I tend to think Jung’s concept of a “Shadow Self” is just place to dump things we don’t like about our selves, a convenient label for what we don’t understand.
    The greatest single anchor holding us back on our spiritual quest are “labels”. If it has a label it must be so…. !

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