This week a dear friend of ours, Mikala St. Germain, published a wonderful article on her discussion forum, The Heart Light. The article, Strong Truth, is essentially a wake-up call for all of us as we move deeper into this new year of 2012.

Immediately following this is Mikala’s article. Following that is my response to the article.


Dearest Spiritual Family:

I’m going to begin this with the fact that each of you lives in my heart, and I love you each unconditionally. Believe that.

I AM being asked by Spirit to give a message concerning our latest topic. And, I must speak my truth without any soft corners.

Each one of you has heard this little message repeatedly for more than 20 years. Now is the time to really hear it.

If you think and speak about any imperfection you believe you have, you will always have it. If you believe your health is bad or your body is not perfect, there is no way to heal you. If you think or believe that you are not a perfect Spiritual Being, you never will be. If you allow pain from your past or present or imagined in the future to make you angry, or sad, or in any way negative, and you continue to think about that, believe it was wrong, or that you were wronged, that pain will always be with you.

If you truly want such things to cease:

1. Get up each morning giving thanks for your perfection.

2. Call on the Mighty I AM Presence which “I AM” and that perfect energy to move through your body, mind, soul, and every cell, and surround you and protect you. Then seriously and with the intensity of all of your inner Love give thanks for that perfection.

3. Call on that same Mighty I AM Presence which “I AM” to push out from you its perfection into your home, your town, your area, into the entire world and keep that perfection in your environment.

4. Know, with your entire Being that this is so and will continue forever if you do not change it, and only you can.

5. Live each moment with this Truth.

I have many personal acquaintances with times in my life when challenges of all kinds have appeared. It is the belief and knowledge that I AM a Spiritual Being in a human body and that Divine Energy that surrounds us is perfection that arises to those challenges.. Use that perfect energy that you live with inside to accomplish whatever miracles you need. Believe, Trust, Know who YOU ARE!

This is as REAL as you can be.

In love unconditional,


What a beautiful and perfectly timed message this is, Mikala! Thank you for putting it out there.

My spirit guides have often said (to me personally and to others) they want us to see ourselves as they see us. They always see us with unconditional love, and in the full perfection that we are. That perfection may not always be obvious to our human eyes, but it is always there. And we can see it with our spiritual eyes if we simply trust in the love of the spirits and angels who surround us, and are always right there beside us. To see ourselves as less than that is an illusion. It’s time to let go of the illusion.

This new year of 2012 is not the end of the world. But it is the end of the world as we have known it. Now is the time to realize who we are and why we are here. We can no longer “drag our feet” spiritually. This is a time of awakening and re-claiming our power as God and Goddess in human form.



What are your thoughts about all this, especially since we’re now one month into what promises to be a fascinating year?