This may sound morbid to some folks, but I’ve always had a keen interest in death, even as young kid. So when two states, Georgia and Texas, executed two men the same night last month, that got my attention.

Quite apart from whether the two men were guilty or not (one’s guilt was virtually certain, and the other’s was in grave doubt), is the so-called death penalty justified?

My personal opinion is it is not. Many in the USA would disagree with me. However, this country is one of the holdouts in the diminishing number of countries who still use the death penalty.

Is death really a penalty? It is if you take the standard mass consciousness view that death is a terrible thing, an experience to be avoided at all costs. But we cannot avoid it. The best we can do is postpone it.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts about death and the death penalty:

“Death is not what it seems to most humans. Nothing new there — you’ve probably heard us say that before.

“Death is an event we in these dimensions celebrate in the same way you in your physical dimensions celebrate birth. To us, birth and death are not opposites, but only different places on the spectrum of eternal life.

“Somehow, somewhere along the trail, if you will, humans got it all mixed up. You forgot what life was all about. You began to see death as ‘the end’ of you. Your churches taught you death was even a punishment for ‘sin.’ And yet, they held out the hope you would go to something better after you died.

“Your governments have institutionalized death as the ultimate penalty for ‘sin.’ They give the ‘sinner’ the ‘death penalty.’

“What they don’t know is they are doing the ‘sinners’ a favor by ‘penalizing’ them with death. If they really wanted to penalize them, they’d let them continue to live on in their self-created misery instead of offering them the sweet release of death. Death is a release, a healing, a rebirth into new life, into the joy and peace they left behind when they incarnated.”

What are your thoughts? Is the death penalty justified? Does is serve any useful purpose? Please comment below.

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