Is Violence Ever Justified? by John Cali

Interesting question, and one that has been asked forever it seems.

One of my favorite spirit guides is Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts. Seth once said this: “There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder.”

And he said this:

“No one dies who has not made the decision to do so. Your existence before and after death is as normal as your present life.”

Most of our world today condemns violence, hatred, and killing.… Read more

The Death Penalty by John Cali

This may sound morbid to some folks, but I’ve always had a keen interest in death, even as young kid. So when two states, Georgia and Texas, executed two men the same night last month, that got my attention.

Quite apart from whether the two men were guilty or not (one’s guilt was virtually certain, and the other’s was in grave doubt), is the so-called death penalty justified?… Read more