This is a ghost story — a true ghost story.

I grew up on the southern shore of the USA’s Lake Erie, one of the country’s five Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are famous (or infamous) for their fierce storms. In fact, Lake Erie has seen more shipwrecks than the Bermuda Triangle. A while back I wrote a blog post, The Power of One, about one of Lake Erie’s more notorious and destructive storms.

Today’s story is about another wild Lake Erie night. My wife and I were walking along the deserted shore when the sky suddenly darkened and a storm swiftly overtook us. The wind was howling out of the northeast, with the waves crashing against the shoreline. We were walking into the wind, and it was a struggle.

I’ve always loved Lake Erie’s energy, particularly the moody, mystical power of its storms. But that night’s storm brought something neither of us expected.

We’d almost reached our car when we both felt a powerful presence. We could see no one nearby. Then at the same moment we both looked behind us. And there he was — the man in black.

He was about 100 yards behind us. Walking in the same direction we were, he was an eerie-looking figure, dressed all in black, and with a black wind-whipped cape flowing behind him. He was striding effortlessly into the wind while we were struggling. Even at that distance and in that wild wind, we could hear his breathing.

He kept his distance. Neither of us felt any fear. Then suddenly we both knew who he was. Somehow he was communicating with us.

He was my father. But Dad had died 24 years earlier!

As Spirit has said, we never lose those we love. They never leave us. My father wanted us to know he had never left us. I’d had no communication with him in those 24 years after his death. But since that stormy night on the shores of Lake Erie, he’s been a constant, loving presence in my life.


What are your thoughts about “ghosts?” Have you ever encountered any? Please comment below.