The Man In Black by John Cali

This is a ghost story — a true ghost story.

I grew up on the southern shore of the USA’s Lake Erie, one of the country’s five Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are famous (or infamous) for their fierce storms. In fact, Lake Erie has seen more shipwrecks than the Bermuda Triangle. A while back I wrote a blog post, The Power of One, about one of Lake Erie’s more notorious and destructive storms.

Today’s story is about another wild Lake Erie night. My wife and I were walking along the deserted shore when the sky suddenly darkened and a storm swiftly overtook us. The wind was howling out of the northeast, with the waves crashing against the shoreline. We were walking into the wind, and it was a struggle.

I’ve always loved Lake Erie’s energy, particularly the moody, mystical power of its storms. But that night’s storm brought something neither of us expected.

We’d almost reached our car when we both felt a powerful presence. We could see no one nearby. Then at the same moment we both looked behind us. And there he was — the man in black.

He was about 100 yards behind us. Walking in the same direction we were, he was an eerie-looking figure, dressed all in black, and with a black wind-whipped cape flowing behind him. He was striding effortlessly into the wind while we were struggling. Even at that distance and in that wild wind, we could hear his breathing.

He kept his distance. Neither of us felt any fear. Then suddenly we both knew who he was. Somehow he was communicating with us.

He was my father. But Dad had died 24 years earlier!

As Spirit has said, we never lose those we love. They never leave us. My father wanted us to know he had never left us. I’d had no communication with him in those 24 years after his death. But since that stormy night on the shores of Lake Erie, he’s been a constant, loving presence in my life.


What are your thoughts about “ghosts?” Have you ever encountered any? Please comment below.

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  1. anny

    Hello John,

    I have never actually seen a ghost or spirit, though my daughter and youngest son have. Not as small children though but as teenagers. My son also saw angels but now he does not remember that but he does remember the spirits. So does my daughter. My husband does communicate with them sometimes. You say spirits do not get stuck but they do come to him for help sometimes and he can help them. Not as spectacular as in that tv-series though.

    I myself experienced a strange thing in that respect only last week. My husband and I were meditating as I heard somebody crying for help. It sounded like our neighbour, who is in his seventies, has a heart condition and lives alone. So the first thing we did was check if he was okay. His car was gone and he was not even at home, so it could not be him. It was nobody else either so we continued meditating and then it dawned on my husband that it could have been a spirit and he tried to contact him and succeeded. It was somebody who was afraid and did not dare to go into the light (as the term seems to be) because of everything he had done. He was not stuck because he was not allowed to pass on but because of his own fear. And I believe we do not stop creating our own reality after we have left our body. Fortunately my husband could help him. To me it was a shock since I had never heard anything like that before (or since) and had never even considered the possibility that it could be a spirit.

    I also smelt the cigarette smoke of the brand my father used to smoke, whereas no one else ever smokes in our house. I recognized that as the presence of my father. My daughter saw him a couple of times.

    My son saw my grandmother, the one I wrote to you about, on the day my mother died. On that day I had been in the nursing home all day and I felt the presence of spirits and angels. It was a beautiful experience which I will never forget. In the evening we were all there, my husband, my children and the one daughter in law we then had. As her passing was not expected for some days yet we went home late at night in order to get some rest (my mother was unconscious and not expected to recover consciousness) but we had hardly reached home or we received a call that she had passed away.We had to return immediately. At that moment my grandmother was with me as she often is but I have to hear that from others. When we had a celebration of my mother’s life, just before her funeral, my husband and I both felt that not only the living members of our family were there, but also many of the ‘dead’ ones. It was a beautiful experience. I gave my mother flowers to take with her to her heavenly home as a gesture of our love, as a sudden impulse. Months or maybe even years later I visited a friend who channels and all of a sudden my father was there and he told her about my mother and how she was and then he said that she still had the flowers I had given her. I really had not thought about those flowers for a long time so for a moment I did not know what he was talking about and my friend could not have known about it since we had never told her. That also was a beautiful experience.



  2. Lisa

    Hi John and Spirit

    Do you talk and see your Father every since? I have never actually seen a ghost,I do feel presents at times.

    But my Daughter when she was younger kept seeing a small young boy,maybe 5 or 6 years old when she went to bed at night,and it scared her very much,he never said a word to her,just staring at her,she would come out and tell me,I would go look and no one was there.

    Finally, I had told her many times to not be afraid,maybe her was her Gaurdian Angel? I said to her,the next time you see him,ask him what he wants? She was very scared at 1st,since when she ever saw the ghost she would just either get up and tell me or throw the covers over her face.

    Finally she did ask him 1 night “what do you want?” he disappeared and she never saw him again?? IDK? maybe he saw he ws scaring her too much? We had just moved into this house at the time. I have always heard that we all see them when we were young up to about 6 years old,But my Daughter was 12 at the time??

    To this day,she does not even remember even though she is 19,or either the ghost scared her so bad she blocked it out? But did remember for about a year or so.

    If ghost/spirits never leave us,are they stuck here? If so we have a ton of ghost on earth! I love watching that show “Ghost Whisperer” where the main Character can see Ghost/Spirits and on the show,she says if they are stuck here,then they have unfinished business,when finished, they cross over into the light….But then again,it is a show.

    Very interesting story John,I am curious as to what happens to them after passing??

    Hugs and Love to you Both!!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Lisa, for your comments. Yes, I do talk to my father almost every day. As I said in the blog post, he’s been a continuous presence in my life since that night on Lake Erie. Of course, he probably was always there. It’s just that I became aware of his presence that night.

      To answer your other question — no, I do not believe spirits are “stuck” here. Although I realize some would disagree with that. I think they choose whomever they wish to be with, just as we in these physical bodies choose who we will associate with. But spirits, of course, are not limited by space and time.


  3. Micki

    Hi John, this is another subject so close to my heart. My husband now passed, told me when we were away for a weekend up north from where we live, had a visit from his Mother( who had passed 2 yeards prior), they were very close when she was alive and they always had a connection. It was not unusual for her to ring to let him know hat she had seen an accidient or event close to where he might be and each time she was correct. Getting back to when we were away he woke to find her sitting on the end of the bed and telling him that all was well and it would not be long before he would see her again. He found that visit was very profound and after that always felt her near. As you know he has since passed and I know in my heart she was there for him and they are once again together. I feel him around me all the time, and its wonderful and I know for myself that when it’s my time to pass he, along with my Mum and Dad will be there for me too.
    Thank you again John for these Newsletters and also to be able to have our say.
    Love and huge hugs,

    • John Cali

      Yes, I remember when David died. What a beautiful story that is –his mother being there for him just before he left. And I know he’s with you too — that must be a great comfort for you. As my spirit guides have often said, we never lose those we love. In “life” or “death.” All is well.

      Lots of love and big hugs to you, my dear,

  4. Mary

    Hi John,

    Absolutely there are ghosts. My father turned the water on in my house, my sister’s house and my mom’s house after his death. One night my sister asked for a sign that Dad was okay. At that moment, a pysanky egg exploded that was on a shelf on the opposite side of the room, landing on her bed. Another time, I was really distraught over finding out my Dad had terminal cancer and then I felt a hand on my shoulder and calm came over me. I’m sure that was my guardian angel. I have many more stories that have made me a true believer in ghosts.



    • John Cali

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks very much for sharing your “ghost stories.” In my years of doing this work, I’ve occasionally heard from the skeptics — those who either do not believe in life after “death” or simply don’t believe spirits can visit us. But people like you, who are open to the realms of spirits, will experience them. It’s a matter of believing before you can see, not the other way around.


  5. M G

    Hi, John. Thanks for this post. My personal experience with ghosts (or spirits, or whatever you wish to call them) is minimal to none. But I highly, highly recommend a wonderful book by Irene Kendig titled “Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead: Seven compelling dialogues that will transform the way you think about dying…and living.” I have had no contact with the author myself, but I’ve probably purchased a half-dozen copies to give to loved ones. I found it one of the most encouraging, and life-changing, things I’ve ever read. If you have read it, John, I’d love to know what you think of it. Love, hugs and blessings to you and yours.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Marilyn. I have not read that book, but it sounds fascinating. I’ve been communicating with “dead” people for years, but never knew what it was all about until I started channelling. I’ll have to get the book.

      Much love and big hugs to you,

  6. Canron

    I wrote a long dissertation explaining the process which takes place in experiences such as yours and forgot to include the CAPTCHA, sending my post to never-never land. So it may not have been meant to be.
    I do however have a question. What thought caused you to want to describe this experience? Can you remember it? I mean you kept it secret for many years and then suddenly out it pops. Why?

    • John Cali

      Perhaps you’re right — it was not meant to be.

      You ask what “caused” me to describe this experience. I described it because my inner guidance told me to. Obviously I remember the experience, or I would not have been able to write about it today.

      What makes you think I’ve kept “it secret for many years” (to use your words)? I have not kept it secret. I’ve related the experience to family and friends many times over the years. I just have not published it to our website — until today.

  7. Jeannie

    I believe there is a thin veil between the physical world and the non-physical world. I believe there is always a connection with those we love and have loved and will love. If only we would stop and allow the communication to flow.

    love and hugs

  8. Dianna

    I do believe in ghosts. I have never seen one but sometimes when I think of someone that has moved on I can feel their presence.
    I also believe you can have visions of those you will meet in what is considered your future. I know I have had these types of visions and sometimes feel their presence also.

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