Today is the birthday of my last dog, Schnapsi. He was born 22 years ago, and he’s long since left me. But he’s still here.

Sound crazy? Let me explain — or, rather, let Spirit explain.


You never lose those you love. You can pierce the veil of death with your awareness that life never ends.

Death is an illusion you have forced on yourselves. It is no more an ending than birth is. It is simply a new beginning, a new phase of your lives — your lives which are never-ending, eternal. In death you simply shift your focus, much as you do each morning when you awaken.

You live forever. Your loved ones live forever — including your animal loved ones.

We see no distinction between your human spirits and your animals’ spirits. You are connected forever. So you cannot lose anyone, human or animal, with whom you have the bond of love.

In John’s case, his beloved little dog Schnapsi was far more than “just a dog.” Schnapsi helped John through one of the most difficult periods of his life. He was constantly by John’s side, night and day. He was always sending John healing energy and love.

Schnapsi did not live a long life. But he lived the life he intended to live. Then he returned home, back to spirit.

But, as John said, Schnapsi did not leave. He’s still constantly by John’s side, helping him in any way he can.

That is the power of pets — and of anyone you love. At the spirit level, they are always with you, in death or life.

Of course, there is no death, only life. You never lose those you love. They are with you forever.


Have you had similar experiences with the spirits of your pets who’ve moved on? Please comment below.

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