The Power of Pets by John Cali

Today is the birthday of my last dog, Schnapsi. He was born 22 years ago, and he’s long since left me. But he’s still here.

Sound crazy? Let me explain — or, rather, let Spirit explain.


You never lose those you love. You can pierce the veil of death with your awareness that life never ends.

Death is an illusion you have forced on yourselves. It is no more an ending than birth is. It is simply a new beginning, a new phase of your lives — your lives which are never-ending, eternal. In death you simply shift your focus, much as you do each morning when you awaken.

You live forever. Your loved ones live forever — including your animal loved ones.

We see no distinction between your human spirits and your animals’ spirits. You are connected forever. So you cannot lose anyone, human or animal, with whom you have the bond of love.

In John’s case, his beloved little dog Schnapsi was far more than “just a dog.” Schnapsi helped John through one of the most difficult periods of his life. He was constantly by John’s side, night and day. He was always sending John healing energy and love.

Schnapsi did not live a long life. But he lived the life he intended to live. Then he returned home, back to spirit.

But, as John said, Schnapsi did not leave. He’s still constantly by John’s side, helping him in any way he can.

That is the power of pets — and of anyone you love. At the spirit level, they are always with you, in death or life.

Of course, there is no death, only life. You never lose those you love. They are with you forever.


Have you had similar experiences with the spirits of your pets who’ve moved on? Please comment below.

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  1. Martha


    This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

    I am a devoted dog lover! Dogs make life better. They bring out the love in us.
    Somebody once said, ” I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am!”
    Here is a little story:

    My mother’s friend, Pansy, left this Earth a year ago.
    She and I recognized one another as the Light of God having a human experience.
    Pansy, a Maltese, was one in 10 million!
    She was pure joy.
    She always did her happy dance whenever she saw me, and I did mine.
    She knew her place as my mothers guardian and very special friend, and brought us all immeasurable love and joy.
    My brother,, who is a very reckless unbalanced individual and an addict, dropped her one day after she had asked to be lifted down off the bed. Her little neck snapped and she died at the foot of my 85 yr old mothers bed. My poor mother was devastated.
    Before I flew back East after a visit with my mother last year, the family craziness had gotten the best of me. I knew it was time to go. With emotional chaos swirling all around me I knelt down to have a cuddle with Pansy, to say goodbye. My long hair draped over our faces like a little tent and we had a very sweet private moment. I said,
    ” oh Pansy….you’re the only one who sees me. I see you and you see me…I love you so much, thank you for loving Me…Thank you for seeing Me….” She listened intently in her quiet way and I know she understood every word I was saying.

    A week later I got the news that Pansy had been killed. She was only 8. I was devastated, as if I had lost a sister or a best friend. The pain in my heart was excruciating. It took me a long time to move through my grief.
    When I showed her picture to a healer friend of mine, she said, “THAT’S NOT A DOG!!! THAT IS AN ANGEL!!!”

    And she is.
    We had an angel among us.

    A few weeks ago I lost my mother.
    And I KNOW, with every fiber in my being, that Pansy was there to greet her when she arrived in Heaven.

    And that brings me great great comfort.

    And Pansy, if you’re listening ( and you always were a great listener..) please incarnate again soon and find me!!!!

    With love,

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Martha, for sharing all this. I know the heartbreak of seeing those we love, human or animal, move on to their next life. But we can take comfort in knowing they’re always with us, for love never dies.


    • Barbara

      What an absolutely beautiful story, Martha. Just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. beachdrifter

    Hi John,

    “Schnaps” in German is a very commonly used, colloquial word for “hard liquor”. The formal term for it is “Spirituose”, which translates into the English word “spirit”.

    So it turns out, your cute companion was…Spirit, all along 🙂

    Thanks for your wonderful blog/newsletter, I’m always looking forward to the next edition of it to see what you and Spirit come up with next!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for your comments, and your kind words. I didn’t know that’s what “Schnaps” meant. But, as you said, “Schnapsi” was an appropriate name for that little guy.


  3. Patience

    Though I have heard this concept expressed by others previously, I was unable to truly ‘hear’ it. Thank you for expressing it in such a way that my heart has heard this message. Perhaps the time was right when it wasn’t before. I feel I can find peace with this.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Patience. I’m delighted the message brought you peace. This issue can be a tough challenge for many folks.


  4. Mary Carol

    Hi John and Spirit,

    How timely your post is! My ex-husband called last night to say that our beloved dog Soos had just died in her sleep. She was extraordinary, love embodied! I saw gorgeous fireworks in heaven at her arrival (reunion), and I feel her presence with me all the time.

    A few weeks ago I helped a very old, sick dog pass. I hadn’t known him, but his passing was peaceful and loving. He offered to be my pet guide, and has since helped me many times with different animals at the shelter. He was a bright red cocker spaniel in life, and I call him Red Dog. I don’t think it’s an accident that dog and god are pretty much the same word.

    How reassuring Spirit’s words are. All beings, and even all non-beings like rocks, are part of the Universe of Spirit, inseparable, each with our own energy signature and at the same time all part of an undivided self.

    Thank you again for your wise words,

    Mary Carol

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Mary Carol, for sharing about Soos. As you said so eloquently, we are part of Spirit, inseparable always.


  5. Patience

    I understand this in my head, but my heart still hurts. I see all the animals suffering starvation or abuse and wonder how can God do this? They look in their eyes as the are killed in gas chambers or by lethal injection. The suffering of being hit by cars or beaten to death by humans. Skinned alive in China. Used in laboratories. I can’t understand how humans can do this! They do suffer…you can see it.
    Can you help me lift the pain I have over this? I can understand human suffering as far as emotional pain, but see so little written addressing true physical pain.
    And tell me…can I get forgiveness for the wrongs I have done involving my pets when I was young and foolish and so full of ‘me’ that I was blind.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Patience, for your comments. While our human eyes and minds cannot always comprehend suffering, human or animal, there’s always a reason for it. My spirit guides have talked about this very subject various times. Here’s part of what they said a while back:

      “Your pets find joy, passion, and pleasure in every moment of their physical lives. Even when they appear to you to be suffering from some physical illness or injury.

      Pets — and all animals, in fact — have no fear of illness or death. And, more importantly, they have no fear of life. Hence they immerse themselves in all the pleasures of physical existence. And they do it without hesitation and without guilt.

      They are fully alive in every moment. Not a bad role model for you to follow!

      Animals do not live with the same “agendas” you humans do. They have no desire to control or manipulate their fellow creatures, human or animal. Their intent is to simply live freely and joyously.

      They see little difference between life and death.

      No matter how awful (or peaceful) their transition from life to death appears to you, those transitions are always easy and effortless to them.

      And when they arrive “on the other side,” they continue their joyful, exuberant, and happy lives, romping and playing with abandon.

      I hope that helps.


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