The Vision, Part 1

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About a year ago, Berna and I were spending the day at a lake up in the hills south of town. I was sitting at a picnic table just enjoying the cool, sunny day. Berna was taking a walk along the lakeshore.

As she returned to the picnic table, the lake was behind her. I watched her as she walked toward me. I glanced behind her and there, walking on the water, were one of my spirit guides and the one we sometimes call Jesus.

Berna came and sat beside me at the picnic table. Since they were behind her, she had not seen Jesus and my spirit guide. The two of them came up to the picnic table and sat down across from Berna and me.

She still did not see them, although I could. Despite that, we started a brief conversation with them. Then Jesus and my spirit guide vanished.

What do you think? Was this just our “imagination?” A hallucination? The devil’s work?

Or was it simply God speaking to us in such a clear, powerful way, Berna and I could not possibly misunderstand the experience?

We’ll talk more about this next week.

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In this video, British writer and poet Ian Sinclair discusses the spiritual visions of an earlier British poet, William Blake.

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  1. Pat

    Wonderful experience, John. I love hearing about those types of things — they’re real to me, although I’ve not experienced the actual images of loved ones, angels or people. My grandmother did — look forward to my own experiences some day. Thank you – enjoyed it. Gives me hope.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Pat! I think it may have been easier for our older generations. They weren’t distracted by so much as we are in this super-busy modern world.

  2. Steff

    WOW .. what an amazing GIFT you received Tracy .. getting to see and feel the Angel !! What a fantastic blessing !!!

  3. Martha

    Yes. I must go back and look at him through my NOW eyes. ✨✨✨

  4. Martha

    Hi John,
    Seems totally normal to me!
    Loved the video. We used to sing ” Jerusalem” at school. I resonated strongly with it and with other mystical poets like Wordsworth for example, when he says, ” Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting”.
    He understood what was going on and how the veil drops between lifetimes. But for some, like Blake, and Wordsworth and you, who communicate regularly with ” the other side”, the veil is relatively thin; and sometimes not there at all!
    So I believe you. And I love that you are now a “We”!
    As for me, while I don’t have visions per se, except sometimes in dreams, I consider myself a visionary thinker, because being a very old soul, remembering how it felt to live in Lemuria, I retain my belief in love and although I have at times felt pretty beaten up by this place, I have never conformed to the low energy consciousness of this planet. Which makes me somewhat of an oddball in good company!

    Much love, Martha ✨✨

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Martha, for sharing and for your thoughtful comments. I think those of us on a deliberate path of spiritual growth are all “oddballs” — at least in the world’s view. And we are, as you say, in good company!

      Much love to you, dear, John

  5. George Ball

    It’s great to be reminded that spirits are with us. Thanks to all. Love, George

  6. jinnerlight

    John I so much appreciate all the magnificent information, videos and spirit messages placed on your blog. Although I seldom respond, they touch my heart and soul profoundly.

    There have been so many times that visions spontaneously appeared, or, I was transported to another reality to meet family in past, present and future. And, one day when I grabbed onto a tree branch for stability while walking down a hill, the tree branch held on to me like an electrical surge and talked to me through visions and knowing. It was an amazing experience that seemed to last a couple minutes but suspect only took a slight second to provide that information. YES! I know beyond a doubt that it is truly real!

    Thanks to you and Tracy for sharing your beautiful experiences. xo

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for your kind comments, and for letting us know how deeply the messages touch you.

      We really appreciate you sharing your vision experiences with us. Your sharing will remind others they too can experience visions. And perhaps they already have.

      Love, John

  7. Tracy

    What an exciting experience you and Berna shared! I believe it was real, and you were in the perfect place for them to appear to you.
    When I was working in a motel, there was a guest who was a healer, come to visit a church. She rarely left her room. When I knocked on the door, a man opened it, trying to block me from seeing inside. The lady then stood beside him and I saw she had big, magnificent white wings, and the whole room filled with light. Her smile alone, transformed me forever! None of us even said a word as I walked away. I know not everyone could see this Angel, but she chose for me to see her. I’ve never forgotten that in almost 20 years. I look forward to your next post! Much love!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Tracy, for your comments.

      What a beautiful, magnificent experience you had! Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

      Much love to you too, Tracy!

  8. jane mcintyre

    Arguably the greatest poet/artist that England has ever produced. What an inspiration, especially in the current climate.

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