Often, when I’m channeling my spirit guides, I lose all sense of time.

One of the people we gave a reading to recently said something similar. She asked one of my spirit guides why she forgets their conversations when she and he talk.

Here’s their conversation (with her permission):


Why do I forget when we talk? I don’t forget when I talk to physical human beings. Why do I almost instantly forget what you’ve told me?

Spirit guide:

It’s very common and the reason is that we are speaking to you from a place where linear time does not exist. So right now, you are in no time, as you are speaking to us. We’re in no time, time doesn’t exist here and so it doesn’t exist for you either.

And so, if time doesn’t exist, it’s pretty hard to remember something when you are back in your usual state of consciousness, when your human mind has taken over again. It’s pretty hard to remember a time when that time never existed, because it’s “eternal time.”

And so, what’s happening here, let us explain that a little bit. It’s not that you forget, because forgetting is a function of linear time. And so, when you forget something, it’s because you don’t remember what happened in the past, whether it’s the past 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago or 500 years ago.

But once you move out of linear time then your human mind sort of goes to sleep, which is exactly what is going on right now. And so, when you don’t have that reference of linear time, what happens very often—and we think this is what is happening with you in the context of your question—is that you don’t have any reference point.

And so, you are out of time. Right now, you’re out of time. We don’t live in time, but when you are speaking to us and our energies merge and connect, then you are literally out of time, out of linear time.

And so, when you come back out of these question-and-answer sessions with us it’s hard (for you) to put our conversation into the context of (linear) time. You think you’ve forgotten it but you haven’t forgotten it.

Your spirit self, your higher self remembers because it also does not live in linear time. But you, the human part of this being that you are—this grander being that you are—doesn’t remember it. Sometimes you will, you might get glimpses of it. It’s sort of like a dream.


Yes, and when you talk to me directly, the same thing happens. Even though I tell myself I am going to remember this and it’s really clear at the time when we are having a conversation.

Spirit guide:

Well, since you won’t remember this, you might want to listen to the recording.

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