Transforming Soul Distress: A Profound Meditation by Hans Brockhuis

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There are many ways to create a gap in the incessant stream of thought. This is what meditation is all about. ~ Eckhart Tolle

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This meditation is about transforming your soul pain. Perhaps you do not want this at all, as old pain hurts violently. But on the other hand, it may be possible in one way or another to somehow allow that old pain which blocks access to your true self or soul. You do not know exactly how, but for you, through fear and/or resistance, it is very difficult to get access and everything stays where it is. In that way you shrivel up; do not know what to do and sometimes you, as it were, even seem to suffocate.

You therefore hope that this is the right way for you to move forward. You think the hardest thing for you is to really allow that pain. You’re so well trained to stay away from it and, yes, you have to deal with all other issues, as you are always used to. Sometimes it seems as if the pain is gone, but somehow you know that when you do not allow your emotions, the whole thing will cramp within yourself. And that, you realize, is also not a good plan.


Sit on a chair or if you’re outside, on a bench. Make sure you’re sitting tight. Root your feet deeply into the earth and take a few deep breaths in and out. In one way or another you feel this day will always hold a special significance for you. Not only as a landmark in this life, but rather also as a stepping stone in your whole existence as a soul of God-Goddess.

While you are softly closing your eyes, you feel a hand on your right shoulder and you notice an ear-to-ear smile from your spirit guide who gently whispers in your heart, “Come, if you want, with me and experience things that happened to you, recently or less recently, and of which you thought would always burden you. I know though that it will be difficult for you to be vulnerable and to confront those moments with an open mind.

“But if you want to, it will help you overcome your heartache and to transform. You and everyone else wear a backpack. Previously, the people said, ‘Each house bears its cross,’ but at this moment it is important for you to face the perhaps most difficult period in your life and by looking at it from a different angle, transform your distress into something that is much softer and will help you the rest of your life to live in a more dignified way.”

You have to put up with this. Actually, you do not feel like it at all. On the other hand, you do think it maybe might be a good idea. Still, you have reservations, but  you realize that the thoughts that you thus far received from your spirit guide were always positive and have helped you further on your journey during your current lifetime.

So you say yes. Your spirit guide radiates and hand-in-hand you go back to one of the most difficult moments in your life. One that you really just would want to forget. But that is just what it is all about. You think you might never forget it. At that time your spirit guide lovingly squeezes your hand.

“Of course you will never be able to forget it, my beloved. But that is not necessary. What is needed for your distress, is a different viewpoint, from a higher perspective. If you succeed, and we will now work on it, you’re already one step further on the beneficial road to happiness.”

Gratitude fulfils you. It feels like your spirit guide and you are listening with arms around each other to the words that seemingly out of nowhere are given to you. Although apparently nothing is said,  you know those words are coming from him/her. The warmth and love that speak from it are incredible and you wait with gratitude for all that is unfolding.

 “Once you and I have wandered the paths that you sometimes call ‘the higher ones.’ You and I talked endlessly about all kinds of circumstances that have occurred during a great number of your former lives, on planet Earth and elsewhere. Once and again you encountered problems in one way or another, and they are always comparable to what you are enduring now.

“You are not able to reach your core, or rather, you think you can’t. You live through all kinds of dire experiences that have to do with feeling at a distance from everything that is going on, physically as well as inside. Time and again you ask yourself, ‘Where am I, is this all real, am I the one experiencing this, or is it someone else who has to try to solve all these problems?’

“But I tell you, this is all you. It is your soul experiencing the fear, bending in every direction to convince itself that it is not necessary to come to its senses. Still it is of the utmost importance that it does, because it is high time. You say you want to get to your core, but there is stuff blocking you to free your captured soul.

“How to clear those blockades and cast those fears away? That is not so easy, but the key lies truly within yourself. Take a good look at all that is happening in the world. From unexpected corners all kinds of things are fired up that touch people, actually all people of the world, deep in their souls.

“Allow yourself to be touched as well. Of course you will say that it is already the case and at a certain level it is of course. But try to look at your soul and allow the volcano to split open. Is that so much different than what happened in you before? Were you not deeply touched in your soul back then as well? That is why I beg you, allow it again, experience it again, from beginning to end, because therein lies the key to success.

“Of course it will hurt, but you know that others and myself will support you to lessen that pain in order to meet your real inner core, the real battle point. And I promise you will be able to transform everything into something very beautiful. You will be baffled and ask yourself, ‘Why have I not been able to do this much earlier?’

“You know you live on the planet of free will. It will have to be your own choice that triggers all this. What I am telling you here is just an encouragement; you will have to make that decision yourself and once you have done that — in real reality — the solution is nearby. You are wading through the bushes, but the easy road is only just a step aside. I advise you, make that step sideways and the horizon will reveal itself to you in all its glory. You will then experience an amazing sunrise, one you have never experienced before.

“Go with God/dess, or however you would like to call that energy. I wish you a lot of success and if you once more want to communicate with me, you are more than welcome. The only thing you need to do is to become very quiet and peaceful; aim your attention at the cosmic carrier wave, which manifests itself as a light whoosh in your ears and to focus on me. Then I will be able to reach you and you can hear me. Think talking it is called and that is what we shall do.

“Now I greet you. At the moment these words are said, many are here with me to guide this with Love and at the moment you will read these words, the same will be the case again…”


You indeed experience that you are back on your chair or on your bench. You notice, however, that a large number of people/souls/beings who have experienced your trip are present. They were all witness of the journey that brought you back to ancient, yet so recognizable, times.

At the moment when you experienced the humiliation, the fear, the tremendous pain and despair — and that you realize afterwards — the emotions flowed away like bath water and were almost immediately transformed into compassion, love and freedom.

That’s why you were able to say with Heart and Soul and Spirit, “I forgive you, and I forgive myself,” because you realize that by this not only you, but we all, have been able to move a bit towards the goal to which we all strive to be underway.

Wasn’t it all worthwhile? Wasn’t it a wonderful time to expose yourself to all souls present on both sides of the veils? Wasn’t it opening up yourself as vulnerable you, not the herald announcing to the Divine Essence, “Here I am; I cannot do anything else and please lift me up from the swamp.”?


It is time to return to the here and now. Gradually you become aware again of the environmental sounds. You move your feet, your arms. You slide a little bit back and forth and very slowly, you return to where this adventure began. Then you open your eyes, look around you. If you want to, rub your hands, squeeze your arms, because you realize that this is necessary for you are coming back from very far away.

Let it be so; you did come with the intention of “No idea what, but let ‘it’ be.” It has come and it has brought you much. You have been able to truly begin the transformation of your fears.

And that, you know now, was actually reliving the soul distress. You thank your spirit guide and you feel and say that you’re thankful you have been able to experience all of it.

(From Lemuria, meaning, “Thank you for standing in your own power.”)

Copyright © 2015 by Hans Brockhuis


In Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday show, Deepak Chopra answers the question, “What is meditation and why should I do it?” In my opinion, Deepak’s answer gets to the heart of meditation and its powerful benefits.


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