index A hornet is buzzing about inside your car, smacking up against the windshield, desperate to reach the vast vistas just beyond the glass, but getting more and more frustrated. He grows frantic, buzzing louder, knowing true freedom is so tantalizingly close… but not quite able to get there.

Sometimes I feel like that hornet. Maybe you do too. The cosmic benchmark 2012 came and went with seemingly no true change. We are told of great onslaughts of new energy, changing DNA and becoming crystalline beings. But what is really different? We may indeed be masters and the bravest of the brave and all that, but I for one am getting impatient and a bit crotchety. To soothe this unrest, I feel a deep impulse to further delve into what’s truly going on, and so I am making a sequel to the film Tuning In, which many of you enjoyed and found value in, called Tuning In Now.

Tuning In was produced six years ago and featured Geoffrey Hoppe channeling Tobias, as well as Lee Carroll (Kryon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), John Cali (Spirit), Wendy Kennedy (Pleiadian Collective) and Shawn Randall (Torah). That movie contained much profound wisdom and was very well received by people around the world. Each of the presenters featured in the original Tuning In have agreed to participate in Tuning In Now, and will be joined by several new voices.

Though it did contain some controversial information, the original Tuning In was quite gentle in nature. This time around I feel I need to hit harder, go deeper and truly get to the marrow of what we are going through and where we’re headed. I feel it would be a disservice to us as Shaumbra to do anything less. Therefore, I am inviting you to send me questions for Adamus and the others who will be interviewed in Tuning In Now. The questions can be on any topic but should be things that are truly weighing on your mind, gnawing at your soul and of universal interest. This will be a cutting-edge film, and the kid gloves are off.

To send in your questions, please contact me at:

I have started a crowd-funding campaign to pay for travel, personnel, equipment, lodging and the like. We are going to raise $33,000, which is meager by Hollywood standards, but I’ve learned how to be very efficient. There are lots of perks offered to contributors, including of course the finished DVD, but also a CD set of the many, many hours we will record with all the channelers, the vast majority of which won’t make it into the 90-minute film. But, as a contributor, you can have access to every word. You could even become a producer on the film and be on set for the shoots, depending on what you choose.

Please understand that this project depends on your participation and support!

Check us out at:

This will be an important film because it will really take the temperature of where we are right now and where we’re headed. Again, I welcome your questions and input. What is really on your mind and in your gut? There will be nothing off limits with Tuning In Now.

This feeling of buzzing about like a hornet trapped in the car is sometimes uncomfortable. But perhaps there’s a crack in the side window. Or maybe we’re just imagining the entire windshield.

In Tuning In Now we’re going to find out!

Published in the June 2014 Shaumbra Magazine, used by permission.


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