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One of our readers recently asked me this question:

In all the work that you do with Spirit, are you aware of a sense of the consciousness, itself, being the veil between God and man?”

Here’s my reply:

My own personal experience is that consciousness itself is the link, the common ground between God and us. After all, we are God.

“The only difference between God and us, or between spirit guides and us, is that we have temporary human bodies.

“So there is no “veil” — the veil is simply our perception (or, more accurately, our mis-perception). We all, human and spirit, are part of this universal consciousness.”

And here are some of Spirit’s thoughts.


The “veil” between you and God is an illusion. There is no veil. Death is an illusion. There is no death.

All there is is life, consciousness. Your spirit guides and angels are pure consciousness. You are pure consciousness. You are all one.

You perceive separation only when you get too caught up in physical reality. Your physical experiences are real, but they are a small and temporary part of your greater reality.

Your greater reality is the reality, the wholeness, the full consciousness you will return to when you leave your physical bodies.

Then you will understand there is no veil between you and God. There never was. You were never alone, never lost. God has been with you forever. Because you are God.


Here’s a beautiful video, You Are God, by Abraham and Bashar.

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How do you feel when someone says “You are God”? Do you really believe it? Or does it just seem like a wild fantasy? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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