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An old friend (she’s not old, but we’ve been friends many years) wrote me an email recently. With her permission, here it is:

Hi John,

It’s been a while, I know, hope this email finds you well. Am still enjoying your newsletters and blogs muchly…

There is something I’ve pondered for a while now regarding Law Of Attraction, whenever you have the time I would really appreciate your insight. Feeling major failure here….been on this path for quite a few years and still not manifesting my “deepest desires”….

….I’ve set intentions for desirable circumstances to manifest. They have not. Is it just a matter of mismatched vibration/frequency OR the timing isn’t right yet OR is it not in alignment with my highest good? Again, any insight would greatly appreciated.

WHATS WRONG WITH ME!! Had to express that sentiment, cause that’s what I am feeling……


Here’s Spirit’s reply:

Everything and everyone in your life experience is a reflection of you. You are one with it all.

If you want to draw to yourself someone or something different from what you now have, you must change yourself first.

For example, if you want more financial abundance, you must first create that abundance within yourself.


By believing you are already abundant. Everything you desire is within you.

Once you realize that, what you desire must flow to you—if you simply get out of the way.

Often, however, you block it with your doubts, questions, feelings of unworthiness, etc.

The solution is to know you’ve done all you need to. You’ve done your work. Now let the universe do its work.

Stay peaceful and happy, as much as you can, in the present moment. Then what you want and have asked for will flow to you without effort and with ease.

You have not made any mistakes. Everything in your life is as it should be. Love yourself unconditionally. Live your life fearlessly.

All is well.


My spirit guides say there are no mistakes, only experiences which provide us opportunities for growth. And growth should be fun—and, at times, funny. Enjoy this short Abraham video about a funny mistake Esther Hicks made:

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Do you believe, as Spirit says, there are no mistakes? They also say everything in our lives is as it should be. Do you believe that? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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