Have you ever asked yourself that question? Probably not. Have you ever asked anyone else that question? Probably not.

In earlier articles Spirit and I have talked about labels — how we humans label and define ourselves and each other. We typically use very narrow labels and definitions, which almost never reflect who we truly are.

For example, people often ask one another, especially at social gatherings, “What do you do?” If they asked, instead, “Who are you?” the answer would often be the same.

Which brings up an interesting point — we often define who we are by whatever label we attach to what we “do.” Examples: lawyer, doctor, writer, teacher, etc. And that is usually how we see ourselves. Hence we have limited self-images. Self-images which have little or nothing to do with who we truly are, with our essence.

While I see nothing wrong with telling folks what we do for a living, we often base our self-worth on that and nothing else. That’s why when many people retire from whatever work they’ve done all their lives, they feel lost and lonely. Their purpose for living has died. And shortly after retirement many of them, not surprisingly, also die.

It doesn’t have to be that way. What can we do to change it?


How about you? What are your labels and definitions for yourself? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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Something New
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