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We live in a society today obsessed with youth and physical beauty. And, in my opinion, a society with too little regard for the wisdom and experience of older folks.

Society considers growing older a curse none of us can escape—unless we die young. We’re driven desperately to find something—anything—that will keep us young. The list is virtually endless—plastic surgery, injections, drugs, etc.

It never occurs to most of us that growing older can actually be fun. It doesn’t have to be a drag.

Some of the older folks I’ve known over the years believe, and I know it’s a cliché, you’re as young as you feel. But the reason it’s a cliché is because it’s true. And those folks know how to have fun.

I’ll always remember my mother and her two sisters, my aunts, in their later years. Two lived well into their 80s, and one into her 90s. In retirement they lived near each other, and for most of their later years, they lived independently. They were very active—with swimming, walking, socializing with their friends, being active in their church community, etc. They knew how to have fun.

When our son was young we’d visit Mom and her sisters several times a year. They would sometimes run us younger folks ragged with their active lifestyles.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts on aging, in no particular order:

  • Humans have the power to alter time. Not just the perception of time, but time itself.
  • Therefore, it is possible to slow the aging process, or even stop or reverse it.
  • You are already beautiful and lovable, just as you are.
  • No one, nothing can make you happy because happiness is always within you.
  • Happiness has nothing to do with how beautiful your bodies are, especially by Hollywood’s impossible standards of beauty.
  • It is not inevitable that you will deteriorate as you move through the years.
  • Your physical bodies are such magnificent mechanisms. Most of you neither understand nor appreciate your bodies. You do not see them as we in spirit do.
  • Even many of your scientists say your bodies are capable of living far longer than what you consider a “normal” lifespan. Few of you ever realize that capability.
  • Your bodies are engineered to live far longer than you believe possible. And to live the entire time in a state of perfect physical health.
  • You have somehow been convinced to believe your bodies must inevitably deteriorate with the years. Most of you believe you have to die of “something.”
  • If you expect your bodies to fall apart with the years, they will—because you are all powerful creators, because you create what you focus mostly on.
  • It is entirely within your power to move through the years—you cannot avoid that—but without deteriorating.
  • It is entirely within your power to die in a state of perfect health. A state of feeling good, feeling joyful, at the peak of perfection.
  • You can live a joyful, abundant life of many years. Then, when you decide you’ve done it all, seen it all, you can choose to move on without pain, sorrow, or sickness.
  • You do not need the “excuse” of deterioration or dis-ease to move on to your next adventure whenever you wish.
  • Your physical death, no matter how you have lived your physical life, is a re-birth into light and love. Always.


Here’s a great video of some older folks having fun:

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