When we talk about addictions, we usually think of such issues as drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco, food, etc. But addictions are not limited to those.

Until the past few years, in my own personal thinking, I had pretty much limited my idea of addictions to those. But there are far more addictions than the “standard” ones. And, in my opinion, our society mostly fails to understand and treat the underlying causes of addictions.

Here’s Spirit.


You all came to this incarnation with the innate knowing that feeling good is your natural state of being. But most of you, somewhere along your physical path (usually quite early), were talked out of that knowing.

Some of you were even taught feeling good was a “sin.” So, on top of being talked out of feeling good, you were taught to feel guilty about it.

Given all that, it’s surprising to us there are not more of you addicted to something or other.

As John said, addictions are not limited to that list he gave — the usual “standard” list. There are others you may not have considered.

For example, are you a “people-pleaser?” Do you do whatever it takes to make others feel good or to gain their approval? Even at the cost of your own well-being? This is one of the biggest, most destructive human addictions we observe.

Your society, your governments are so immersed in their own narrow views of addictions that they have created “wars” on everything. War on drugs. War on alcohol. War on sex. War on tobacco. War on terror. And so on and on.

The only reason people engage in addictions to begin with is they simply want to reclaim their birthright to feel good.

Your conventional addiction treatments are largely ineffective. That’s because they’re looking in all the wrong places for causes and solutions.

You cannot, for example, “cure” anyone of alcohol addiction simply by denying them access to alcohol. The underlying cause is ignored — the desire to feel good is being frustrated. So they turn to alcohol to feel better about themselves and their lives.

Of course, the relief is only temporary, but it works.

Until your society realizes all addictions are simply a desire to feel good, to reclaim your birthright and your personal power, addictions will continue to plague humans.

The solution is more involved that we have time to discuss here today. But the essence of the solution is to teach people they can feel good by going inside and tapping into that spiritual power within. Then they will no longer need the addictive substances or behavior.

We’ve said this before, but as bizarre as it may sound, we believe addictions are a good thing. Because they temporarily take you away from your pain and help you feel good. You will — you must — ultimately come to the point where you know you don’t need anything or anyone outside yourselves to feel good. But, in the meanwhile, any light is better than the darkness.


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