Flag of Peace

How many of us have asked “Will there ever be an end to war?” I have many times, and you probably have too. I know the ultimate answer is “Yes.” But will we see it in our lifetimes?

Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier from World War 1, died a few years ago, on July 25, 2009. He was 111 years old.

Harry once said “War is organised murder, and nothing else.”

Here’s Spirit.


You often talk about peace on earth, and have for centuries. Yet you’ve never experienced it, except for short intervals.

So what’s the answer? How can humans create real, lasting peace on earth?

Our answer is short and simple: Create peace in your hearts first. Then you will have peace on earth. Then you will have an end to war.

There is no such thing as a country creating peace. Why? Because no single country can create peace. You will never find a country who will be the world’s peacemaker. The government may say it wants peace. But until all its citizens want peace it won’t happen.

World peace can be created only one individual at a time. When the mass of humans want peace your world will finally be on the real path to peace on earth. Until then peace will remain elusive.

The “bottom line” here is this: Each of you, individually and separately, must focus on creating peace in your own hearts, in your own personal lives. You can create peace only one person at a time.

Then you will begin to know peace on earth. Then you will know an end to war.

What are your thoughts about war and peace? Please share with us below.

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