Christmas Truces and Other Ironies of War by John Cali




US B17 Bomber  (left) and German BF109 Fighter (right)

As a former commercial pilot, I had lots of exciting adventures (and a few brushes with death)—some of which I’ve talked about in these posts over the years.

But I never had an experience like that of Lieutenants Charlie Brown and Fritz Stigler, both World War 2 pilots. They met on December 20, 1943, 5 days before Christmas, in skies over Germany.

Charlie was a US bomber pilot returning to England after an attack on Germany.Read more

Is Peace on Earth An Impossible Dream? Followup John Cali

We received a variety of insightful comments in response to our newsletter article earlier this week, Is Peace on Earth an Impossible Dream?

So, as a followup, I’d like to share with you a few additional thoughts. (This post is longer than our usual short ones, which I know you and I prefer. But I think the subject merits it today.)

First, here’s a brief message I received from my spirit guides:

There will never be the peace on earth many of you envision.Read more

An End To War by John Cali

Flag of Peace

How many of us have asked “Will there ever be an end to war?” I have many times, and you probably have too. I know the ultimate answer is “Yes.” But will we see it in our lifetimes?

Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier from World War 1, died a few years ago, on July 25, 2009. He was 111 years old.

Harry once said “War is organised murder, and nothing else.”

Here’s Spirit.


You often talk about peace on earth, and have for centuries.… Read more