In our modern world there is, arguably, more anger on many fronts than in recent memory.

A reader sent us these thoughts:
“I ask as I struggle, after being wronged by others, to let go of anger and move on to focusing on the joy/challenge of living the rest of my life. How do you deal with injustice and find peace?


You have never been “wronged” by anyone. Every relationship, every circumstance you have ever experienced in this or any other lifetime is purely a co-creation when it involves others.

All of you, at the soul level, “conspired,” if you will, to manifest whatever you experience in your relationships. It matters not what those relationships are—friends, enemies, family, lovers, business associates, casual acquaintances, etc.

All relationships are co-creations. That means everyone involved, whether it be 2 or 200 or 2,000, is equally responsible for the manifestation of that relationship.

We know that’s a “tough pill to swallow” for most humans. But it is what it is.

So how can you ever say you’ve been “wronged” by another if you and they are equal co-creators of your relationship?

But that’s not the real point here. Why? Because all of that is in your past. That past has no power over you. Unless, of course, you bring it into your present by dwelling on it. And, in the process, making yourself quite miserable.

Remember this: All your power is in this present moment. ALL YOUR POWER!

So it behooves you to focus on what you want, on what brings you joy.

Do memories of the past bring you joy? If yes, great! If no, forget them? They do you no good.

All of your power is in this present moment. What you are focusing on in this present moment is what you will create in all your future present moments.

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