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posticon Matters Of The Heart

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One of my family has a reputation for being quick to anger. He explodes for the slightest, most insignificant, reason.

Berna and I have a neighbor who’s also quick to anger for the slightest reason.

Not surprisingly, both these people have serious, life-threatening heart problems.


Humans often use the word “heart” to mean various things. But usually you mean the central part of an issue or concern you have in your life.

The word is certainly appropriate in that context.Read more

posticon Anger: It’s Time To Let It Go

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In our modern world there is, arguably, more anger on many fronts than in recent memory.

A reader sent us these thoughts:
“I ask as I struggle, after being wronged by others, to let go of anger and move on to focusing on the joy/challenge of living the rest of my life. How do you deal with injustice and find peace?


You have never been “wronged” by anyone. Every relationship, every circumstance you have ever experienced in this or any other lifetime is purely a co-creation when it involves others.Read more