I recently ran into a couple of old, dear friends, one in the grocery store and the other at my barber shop. Although I have no political preferences or convictions, my two friends certainly do—particularly regarding the United States’ recent presidential election.

It was obvious neither of them supported President Barack Obama.

My first friend said the US was going to hell in a handbasket, now that President Obama had been reelected. He said, in all seriousness, he didn’t know if he wanted to go on living.

My second friend blamed Obama for the problems he was having in his business. He said he would never have enough money to retire, now that Obama was in for another four years.

What’s the common thread between these two otherwise delightful men?

Here’s Spirit.

To answer John’s question, his two friends are giving their power away to influences outside themselves. We see this happening often in your world today. There are at least several reasons for this.

First, the collective consciousness believes you are all at the mercy of “fate”—forces over which you have no control.

Second, it’s easier to blame someone or something outside yourselves for what’s going “wrong” in your lives, or in your world.

Basically this is an abdication of responsibility—a failure to recognize you create your own experiences, whether you believe you do or not. It’s a failure to recognize nothing, no one outside of you can create your experiences.

It’s that simple.

In this era of increasing awareness and heightening consciousness it’s more vital than ever before in human history that you shoulder complete responsibility for your lives. You cannot give your power away, as John’s two friends are, and expect to have a happy life.

Again, it’s just that simple.

Reclaim your power. After all, you are God. You will find the peace, joy, love, and abundance you seek only in acknowledging and owning who you are and why you are here.

You are powerful creators and nothing less.

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