Are You Giving Away Your Power? John Cali

I recently ran into a couple of old, dear friends, one in the grocery store and the other at my barber shop. Although I have no political preferences or convictions, my two friends certainly do—particularly regarding the United States’ recent presidential election.

It was obvious neither of them supported President Barack Obama.

My first friend said the US was going to hell in a handbasket, now that President Obama had been reelected. He said, in all seriousness, he didn’t know if he wanted to go on living.

My second friend blamed Obama for the problems he was having in his business. He said he would never have enough money to retire, now that Obama was in for another four years.

What’s the common thread between these two otherwise delightful men?

Here’s Spirit.

To answer John’s question, his two friends are giving their power away to influences outside themselves. We see this happening often in your world today. There are at least several reasons for this.

First, the collective consciousness believes you are all at the mercy of “fate”—forces over which you have no control.

Second, it’s easier to blame someone or something outside yourselves for what’s going “wrong” in your lives, or in your world.

Basically this is an abdication of responsibility—a failure to recognize you create your own experiences, whether you believe you do or not. It’s a failure to recognize nothing, no one outside of you can create your experiences.

It’s that simple.

In this era of increasing awareness and heightening consciousness it’s more vital than ever before in human history that you shoulder complete responsibility for your lives. You cannot give your power away, as John’s two friends are, and expect to have a happy life.

Again, it’s just that simple.

Reclaim your power. After all, you are God. You will find the peace, joy, love, and abundance you seek only in acknowledging and owning who you are and why you are here.

You are powerful creators and nothing less.

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  1. Sarah

    Breaking free of the victim mentality is such a wonderful step to take and completely life-changing. Its so easy to blame others and fail to take responsibility for our own creation. When we finally realise that we are creating everything in our own reality, this is very empowering. The present moment becomes so valuable. Knowing that the present is what we have already created is also empowering as by shifting our thoughts, feelings and focus we have the power to make positive changes. Thanks, John and spirit, for a thought-provoking post.

  2. paterra

    thank you for this post, such a simple and refreshing reminder!!

  3. Dan

    Thanks John, just wanted to say how much I appreciate not just the consistency with which you write articles (and ones with good content I might add), but also your links to related posts. They are always good reminders that help to expand the understanding of where you and spirit are coming from. I love the concept of giving away power to the past or future – I am sure I read this before, but it hit me in a new way.

    The other thing I was thinking about (right before your email indicating you had finished today’s article came) was how I managed to get so many emails from different “gurus” wanting to tell me how to be happy. I have always been interested in what other people think works for them – finding the commonality and what resonates for me – so not surprising I would end up on too many email lists. I don’t have a desire to read what everybody has to say these days. However, your articles almost always speak to me – the message is simple – live with joy, live now, love oneself completely – and it can’t help but spread like the ripples in the water.

    I am not normally online at this hour – but as I was checking my emails and thinking these thoughts – I thought it’s Tues – don’t think I saw anything from John yet – and beep – the bell of new emails almost in unison with the announcement of your article. Too much fun.

    Have a great and eternal now!

    (As true a thought as that may be I think it still sounds pretty silly… but then it is supposed to make you smile.)

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Dan. I love your wisdom and insights — and your great sense of humor too. 🙂

  4. Lynn

    There is no greater power than love. If I die tomorrow, I can say I know what love really is. My Grandma and Grandpa Johnson taught me about love, showed me love and gave me love. The kind of love most people do not get to experience in life. The kind of love that does not require sacrificing, proving yourself, being terrorized or abused. Pure love.

  5. jerry

    Hi John. This subject is interesting from so many angles, but I suppose the only one is your own. =) What helped me in knowing my power was being given away was one of my jobs in the military. I studied work centers to determine manpower required for them. The process involved questioning everything they did! After a few months of doing this, I had an emergency medical procedure done to save my life and that is when my life started to change forever.

    Spirit guided me to now question everything I did in my life, just as I did in my job. After awhile, this is when I realized that my life is a series of choices made my me and if I did not question it, I would stay in a rut. So, I even drive to work different ways to help me keep out of the ruts! (grin)

    I hope we can all question what we are doing, if not, it’s rut time!


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry. I agree — it’s time we all started questioning what we’re doing, thinking, and being. If it’s because someone, something else has told us that’s what we “should” be doing, thinking, and being it’s well past time to change. And to become the masters of our own lives.


  6. Marlene

    Wow, that was certainly timely for me! I literally JUST got home from a meeting that I left with feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, and lack of control over important circumstances that affect me deeply. Needless to say I was feeling rather stressed!

    This message came as an important reminder that even when it SEEMS like I have no control over the situation, I am actually the creator of my own reality, and as such I have COMPLETE control. Now the trick will be to remember that I am the Captain of my own ship and to stop looking over my shoulder hoping someone will grab the wheel and get things back on course!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Marlene. We all need these timely reminders now and then. I know I sure do!

  7. Mary

    Boy! Did Spirit hit the nail on the head. It is always easier to blame someone or something for our situation. Connecting with our power is so important at this moment in history. If we are not connected to our power we are always looking outside ourselves for direction and that can be deadly.

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