My spirit guides, or “Spirit” as I call them, have often counseled against immersing ourselves in the mainstream news media every day.

In this very short video, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh talks about “mindful consumption.”


(Note from John: This message from Spirit is a bit sterner than they usually give us. But I think it’s a good message, and timely for our world today.)


As John said, we have often advised people to not “consume” a steady diet of mainstream news. In fact, we would say your television is one of the most negative, harmful influences on your planet today.

It’s a powerful tool that can be used for good or ill. However, those who run your TV networks often choose to literally poison your minds. Not deliberately or maliciously, but they are poisoning you nonetheless.

You rarely see the positive side of life, the good deeds people do every day, the uplifting and inspiring news. Instead your daily diet is one of murder, war, rape, disease, drug abuse, and all sorts of negative news.

We are not telling you to deny that type of news exists. That would be foolish. We are telling you to avoid poisoning yourselves with mega doses of it every day.

Many of the television ads are worse than the news itself. They will convince you you’re coming down with this dreadful disease, a disease often invented by those who sell prescription drugs.

And then, guess what? They have this new miracle drug that will cure that mythical disease.

We do not want to go on and on about this. Although we could. (Said humorously.) But we do want to remind you of what you already know — you are poisoning yourselves with the thoughts and dark scenarios your society throws at you every day.

Some folks may dismiss our words here today with “Well, it’s only a thought. How can a thought harm me?”

Most of you reading this know better than that. You know how powerful your thoughts are. Your thoughts can kill you. Or heal you. It’s your choice.

You should be as careful about the thoughts you allow into your mind as you are about the food you put into your body, or about the person you allow into your bed. Every thought you hold is an affirmation, with the power to uplift you or tear you down.

Be loving enough toward yourselves to care about your thoughts, and to avoid those people, organizations, etc. who would poison you with negativity. You owe it to yourself and to those you love.


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