Are You Spinning Out of Control? by John Cali

Many years ago I had a dear friend, now long gone, whose life was a near-constant struggle. He struggled with virtually everything and everyone, including himself. He once described his life to me, shortly before his untimely death, as “reeling from one crisis to another.” That was a pretty accurate description.

It’s not surprising that he lived out most his years that way, because he was one of these people who just had to be in control of everything and everyone. He was what we sometimes call a “control freak.”

I know what I’m talking about, for I too was a control freak most of my earlier life. It ain’t a pretty picture! I never found real and lasting meaning in my life until I finally just let go of everything, of my need to preplan and control every aspect of my life.

That sounds like a prescription for disaster, but it’s really a prescription for peace.

I’m travelling this week, so we’re revisiting an article we wrote quite a few years ago. It’s called, appropriately, Spinning Out of Control


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  1. CanRon

    Timely advice. I thought I would give an example but had second thoughts as this would only get me spinning again. Thank you, have a great day, week, month, year and so on.

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