Ask and Receive

Many years ago when I was a young, inexperienced pilot I had a terrifying experience I’ll never forget.

It was a sunny Sunday morning in early spring. A friend of mine wanted to go for a plane ride. So we decided to fly from our home near Dunkirk, New York southwest to Youngstown, Ohio. He had family in Youngstown he wanted to visit.

On the return to Dunkirk late that afternoon, the weather turned foggy. I did not yet have an instrument rating. The rating allows pilots to rely only on the plane’s instruments when they have no visual ground references. As you might expect, we got lost.

I was not particularly spiritual, and definitely not religious, at that point. But I found myself asking God, Spirit, the Universe for help. Instantly, the message came to me, “Turn left.”

“Of course!” I thought. We were flying northeast, roughly parallel to the southern shore of Lake Erie, one of the United States’s 5 Great Lakes. We couldn’t see the lake, and the ground was barely visible in the dense fog.

So we descended to a lower altitude and flew north, knowing we would eventually see the lake. Then all we had to do was follow the lake shore back to Dunkirk. The airport was only a short distance from the lake.

When we landed in Dunkirk that evening, my friend looked at me strangely. He said, “We were lost, weren’t we?” I knew he knew, but I said nothing during the trip, not wanting to alarm him. But I admitted it finally, now that we were safely on the ground.

So what’s the lesson here?


Life is so simple. Yet humans persist in making it hard.

When you’re in any kind of trouble, Spirit is right there with you. In your every move, your every thought, Spirit knows what’s going on with you. And we mean every moment of your earthly life, from birth to your return Home.

Do you need help, as Johnny did that foggy day? All you have to do is ask. Help will be there instantly.

In Johnny’s situation, he was desperate and he heard an answer instantly. That answer guided him and his friend safely home.

But it doesn’t have to be a potentially life-or-death situation. Ask for help with everything—all the challenges you face in life, tiny or huge.

After you’ve asked, wait. The answer will come, one way or another.

That is how much Spirit loves you—enough to answer your every cry for help. In every situation. Under all circumstances. No matter how trivial or desperate.

Spirit wants to speak with you, always. Spirit is always there. You are eternally held in the arms and love of Spirit. All you have to do is ask.

Copyright © 2020 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


This video talks about God, trusting, and a willingness to believe you are always safe, always cared for. If you don’t like the word “God,” substitute “Universe,” Spirit,” or whatever you want. The exact word does not matter. What does matter is you believe you are always safe, always taken care of, always loved.

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  1. Jeannie

    When I was a young teenager I was walking down the street home. A car with a man driving pulled over and I thought he wanted direction. He opened the window and said get in, I was surprised and he said I won’t hurt you. I knew , something inside said go…………I walked away. I just knew he was trouble.

    There have been little things that suddenly happen that helps me out.

    When I was very young before going to school I got burned by boiling tea, from my neck to my stomach. I went into shock and a voice said stay. After that there was no pain, through my eyes my spirit was watching. I remember my dad rushing me to the hospital, my mom holding me. He got pulled over but the cop that stopped him took one look at me and he guided my dad to the hospital with his siren blasting. All through this I was a back seat driver, my spirit was in control, helping me to stay.

    Even when I was born I almost passed away but so much help was given to me and I survived at 4 pounds more than 70 years ago. So many did not. My grandmother said I was special, that I had a purpose.

    We all have a purpose, that is our own, we are all loved and our Spirits are always there with a helping hand. Ask and you will receive, knock and a door will open.

    Thank you for that reminder.

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Jeannie, for sharing your touching stories! Indeed, as you say, Spirit is always there, guiding and loving us, no matter what is happening in our world. Love and hugs to you too, dear.

  2. Sandy Cronin

    Hi John, Your experiences are so interesting and always provide a simple way we can stay on our own path. Every week you put out an important message. Thank you. I appreciate what you do. Blessing to you. Sandy

    • John Cali

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks very much for your kind words! I guess I’ve lived long enough to have a few interesting stories I can share with all of you. 🙂

      Blessings to you too!

  3. Ian

    Oh I know the feeling, A large group of us took three aircraft for a night out in Le Torque France flying from our home airfield in Red Hill surrey UK. I was to fly one of the planes back with my trainer and two passengers. Wind was down the channel at about 5 knots but the swing to starboard was quite dramatic. I was constantly correcting my course by 5 deg port. Luckily the English channel is not wide and I could see home easily (10k+ ) with little summer cloud about. My one problem was the trainer had a massive hangover.

    I pointed the nose towards home and called solo landing and given number 2 in the circuit. I lined up about 5 miles, but still had a huge problem with the rudder. Talk about side slipping in. geeee. I debriefed and went home under cloud. later I found out my instructor. had bent the rudder bar in the aircraft when he scraped the tail on take-off the day before in his hurrey to get an overloaded plane to France and the bars. Later I got a letter of apology from the school but the damage was done. I never flew much after that. the closing sentence was “someone was watching you that day”.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Ian, for sharing your fascinating story! I do remember the trainers I worked with years ago. Some were pretty heavy drinkers. 🙂

      You brought back a lot of memories. I clearly recall the challenges of side slipping in for a landing. Especially, since most of my pilot training was in very windy places.

      Indeed, we always have someone watching over us!

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