The Breathtaking Power Within

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Norman Vincent Peale

Some time ago, I watched an interview with a man who was obviously on a conscious path of spiritual growth. I don’t recall his name. But I’ve never forgotten his words.

He told about the time he was sitting in a cafeteria by himself. Suddenly, a stranger walked up to him, and stared at him for a moment. Then the stranger said, “I want what you have.” With that, he walked away.

There was more to his story, but that was the heart of it.


You have within you the power to move mountains.

That is not a figure of speech. It is literally true.

You’ve heard it said, if you’re a student of A Course in Miracles, “I am still as God created me.”

What does that mean exactly?

It means God/Goddess created you in his/her image and likeness. You have all the attributes of a son or daughter of God. What are those attributes?

Well, for starters,  here’s a short list of some of the powers and qualities you possess:

  • You have the power to heal yourself completely—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. There is no such thing as an “incurable” illness or disease.


  • You have the power to transform your life into the stuff dreams are made of.


  • You can levitate your physical body.


  • You can “teleport” yourself to another physical location, or even into another dimension.


  • You think you were born “tainted,” imperfect, sinful. Some of you call that “original sin.” That’s nonsense!


  • Nothing is required of you. There is nothing  you must do—nothing to seek, nothing to find.


  • Realize all that is “required” of you is that you simply recognize who you are.


  • Your world and your ego tell you who you are not, a weak, sinful excuse of a human being.


  • Your spirit tells you who you are: a powerful, wise old soul.


  • You can choose to exercise your power in any way you wish.


  • You are a powerful son/daughter of God.


  • With God/Goddess, nothing is impossible.


  • With you, nothing is impossible.


The man Johnny spoke of at the beginning of this post had all the powers and qualities we’ve been talking about. The difference between him and many other humans is he knows his power. People feel his power when they are around him.

So too will they feel your power when you remember who you are.


Some of you may find this video of Sadhguru controversial or even offensive. But watch it all the way through before you form any judgements or conclusions—it’s only about 4 minutes long.

Copyright © 2019 by John Cali

Do you believe you are crazy if you believe in yourself, as Sadhguru says in the video? Or is he just talking nonsense?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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6 Responses

  1. Liz White

    Dear Gretchen. I know that nothing is harder than to try to get into that “feeling place” of being able to heal yourself when you are in the midst of so much pain and discomfort. My discomfort is minor compared to yours, but I found hope when I watched Charlie Goldsmith, “The Healer”. The TLC channel ran a 6 episode series on him a couple of years ago (you will see it on the TLC website) and he has a Facebook page and website that he talks about his healing work. The person that told you that it would be hard for you to reverse your physical manifestation may never say that to someone again if they saw the instant healing that he performs on people….and he does not charge for his work. These people have also carried physical manifestations for many years, seen many doctors and thought they’d never heal. Maybe just a glimpse of “feeling” others heal and getting excited about their healing journey might lift your spirits into that of hope? Anything is possible.
    I truly wish you well and that you heal soon.
    John, thank you for this post and for the reminder from Spirit that we are just an extension of God/Spirit in this physical world, and that we have not “lost” the Power, we’ve just forgotten that we are still “powerful, old souls”.
    Hugs from Oregon. Liz

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Liz.

      I’ll let Gretchen reply to the first part of your comment.

      Thank you also, for your comments about Spirit’s reminder. I agree that we have not “lost” our power. We have lost only our awareness of that power.

      Hugs to you too, dear.

  2. Jean Horn

    to be or not to be…………ah that is the question

    Shall we believe we are what we seem to be, a muddied reminder of ancient times in an earth grown old?

    Or shall we believe we are the strength, the power the joy of God Within. We are in our very heart of hearts God Within looking out and All That Is, is I.

    So I think I will believe that I Am God Within, and all that power, strength, energy and pure joy is mine. Within a wink of the eye I am a reality that goes beyond the norm and my heart and mind finds expression in this moment.

    I wish to share this thought with you, all of you; “No matter what you are not what others think, you grow and have your being in the cosmos and you are the star of hope. So believe in you and you will indeed move mountains!”

    I love this piece John, a perfect piece in this very perfect moment I share with you. Feel the joy, the passion, the love and the enormous energy we all have. I share it all with you.

    love and hugs

  3. Gretchen Vogel Morin

    The development of the observer self is perhaps what Sadhguru is referring to. I’ve been asking in meditation what the observer self is and have never gotten an answer so this was an interesting video.
    I have the feedback loop running in my physicality of progressive auto immune chronic pain, (I do not label it beyond these words). I feel it is a type of helplessness I am creating and yet I have not found any key to healing over the past 25 years of seeking healing.
    The self blame of a spiritual teacher who is also ill adds shame to the pain, I know there is something incorrect about the idea we can heal anything in our body but I have not been able to pin point this as yet. I believe it is possible to heal in the lighter bodies but I am not convinced the energetic healing can translate to the denser materialization of the physical body.
    I am discouraged to see the first idea listed is that – if I only thought correctly I would not be in pain, at least at this point in my rather lengthy journey with my physical body.
    I have been told by credible guides that I am not ill,I just believe I am- but that at this point it would be hard to reverse the physical manifestation.
    I’m interested in if any of your other people resist the element of judgement adding to the distress of their physical condition.
    I know this is not your intention John, just curious. People who are not in chronic debilitating pain can have different perspectives.
    Blessings on your work, Gretchen

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Gretchen, for your thoughtful comments.

      I’m not sure exactly which idea you’re referring to when you said, “I am discouraged to see the first idea listed is….” Certainly, nothing Spirit or I said was intended to be judgemental or discouraging.

      Another thought just occurred to me as I’m writing this. If, as many scientists say, our bodies are mostly empty space, is the apparent “denseness” of our physical bodies real?

      Let’s see what our other readers may have to share about people’s judgement of them adding to their distress. Thank you for posing that question.

      God bless you, dear. Thank you again.


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