Does that title sound like a contradiction in terms? How can you be Buddhist and Catholic?

The Washington Post has been following the story of a Roman Catholic priest denying communion to a lesbian at her mother’s funeral. And then he walked out on the funeral mass. You can imagine the furor that set off.

Not only was the lady lesbian, but she was also straddling the religious fence between Catholicism and Buddhism. She felt at home in both camps.

Several publications had some fiery comments on the story, and raised interesting questions. Can you practice Catholicism and Buddhism at the same time? Is homosexuality morally wrong? Does any organization, religious or secular, have the right to dictate to its members what they can and cannot do in their private lives?

I grew up Roman Catholic. Back in those days we were taught only Catholics would be permitted into heaven. I know, I know — that sounds so awful in today’s more open spiritual environment. But we all believed it back then.

One of the articles covering this story cited a Pew poll showing 88 percent of white Catholics believed non-Christian religions can also lead to eternal life — not just the Catholic religion. A similar number of black and white Protestants said the same thing.

We have quite a few newsletter readers who are Christian, yet they embrace the teachings of my spirit guides. Most of my family do not. Some of them consider me a heretic, headed for you-know-where.

Is this the kind of spirituality and spiritual environment we want to be fostering today? An environment where we’re pitted against each other, where one side must be right and the other must be wrong?

As Spirit said to me recently, “Religion divides. Spirituality unites.”


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