Channelling, Imagination, and Trust by John Cali and Spirit

Everything you can imagine is real.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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In my work people often ask my spirit guides or me how they can learn to channel. While we don’t teach channelling, I am always glad to share with folks my experiences in learning to channel, and in now actually doing it as my only work.

So I’d like to share with you today how it all started for me. If you’re interested in channelling I hope my experiences will give you the incentive to just go ahead and do it.

Many years ago, about the time I left the Roman Catholic Church, I took my first psychic development class. I didn’t know anything about channelling back then, nor did the instructors even use that word. During the class the instructors asked each of us to imagine we had two “fairy friends.” We were to give them names, described how they looked, and add whatever details we wanted.

I imagined a male and a female friend. I gave them the names of Michael and Lydia. Michael was kind of fuzzy in my imagination, and I didn’t have a clear mental picture of him.

But it was different with Lydia. She appeared, in my imagination, as a tall, dark-haired woman in a long, flowing white gown, with a bright white light around her. She was, in my imagination, a physician in ancient Greece.

I didn’t even know if there were female physicians in ancient Greece—even though I’d graduated from college with a history degree. So I just wrote it off as “my imagination.”

After the class, I didn’t give much thought to Michael or Lydia till years later when I became interested in channelling. I started with one spirit guide. Then a few others, including Michael and Lydia, joined us.

At that early point in my channelling, I wasn’t sure if any of those guides were “real.” And I sure didn’t trust myself enough to tell anyone about the guides or the messages I was receiving from them. As I said, I wondered if all this was just my imagination.

As the years passed, I started channelling privately for a handful of friends and family. But I swore I’d never do it publicly. Never say never. A few years later I found myself doing it publicly, after learning to trust myself a bit more. Now I completely trust myself as a channel.

Then about a year ago, I decided, on a whim, to do some research on ancient Greece—and on women physicians from that era. Of course, I did not expect to find any. Then I found Metrodora.

She was an ancient Greek physician and, in fact, the author of the first medical text known to have been written by a woman. That sure took me by total surprise. But I knew this was Lydia who obviously was (and is) real, after all!

If I’d known that over 30 years ago, my life would have been very different. But all in good divine timing.

My point in telling you all this is simple: If you want to channel (and anybody can), then trust yourself, your spirit guides, and whatever comes to you—even if it seems to be your “imagination.” Whatever we can imagine is real.

If you have the desire to channel, then you were meant to do it.


Here’s a video of Abraham (Esther Hicks) explaining channelling.

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John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Conversations With Spirit: Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming. Sign up for his newsletter here.

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14 Responses

  1. Rafa

    i seem to be able to tune in to some extent a living sports figure that i am a big fan of. I mean i don’t know whether i should call it channelling but by assuming the same ticks from a sports person i was able to quite an extent embody his attitude of perseverance and dedication. I anchored some things he does in my own way and i kind of do the same things. In the beginning i was not as determined and solid in my mind. But with time watching him closely and just wanting to have his never say die character, now i have changed and have become mentally much stronger and my endurance levels have gone up as never ever in my life.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Rafa, for sharing your story. I think we are all capable of tuning in to others, whether they are in flesh or spirit.

  2. Sarah D

    Hi John,
    Thanks for sharing your channelling journey, it’s fascinating.
    I had some experiences a few years ago where I was being given guidance and what seemed like telepathic communication and it was all very positive but then my health reversed and now I have to limit my ‘channelling’ to artistic and creative pursuits, ie my photography. Once I have that camera in my hand right through til I have a whole finished collection of images I am like a woman possessed!!!!! I’m sure that tapping into creativity is channelling a greater part of oneself or even something greater.

    Blessings to you John

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Sarah. You are channelling when you pursue your art. I believe anything we love to do, and get fully immersed in, as you with your photography, IS channelling — our higher selves, spirit guides, angels, etc. It’s really all the same process. We just have different names for it.

      Blessings to you also, Sarah.

  3. Corine

    Beautiful John.
    If you decide to trust yourself and to just let go, you expierience an inner peace that you never want to lose anymore . And when you feel that inner peace, you’re channeling will be better and better and so you trust yourself even more and you feel happier. When you are happy and peaceful your energy vibrates on a higher level and the things you feel and hear are more pure and clear. You’re in a positive circle that way!
    Love, Corine

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Corine. There’s no doubt about it — channeling makes a big positive difference in someone’s life!


  4. Pat K

    Thank you so much, John. And the Esther/Abraham exchange was just perfect and perfect for me right now. Usually, I receive my communication by a kind of automatic writing. It helps me have ‘soft focus.’ I use my non-dominant hand until the words start to flow too fast.

    As you and Spirit know, I have been carefully prepping myself for a change in my relationship and living circumstances. Every few days, I put myself on “pause” and ask what feels like my “team” to “Show me what I need to know right now.”

    Earlier this week I came across a large notebook from a “relationship healing” seminar that had 2 weeks of follow-up online classes. In this notebook I had listed every limiting belief that I had, and “where” I think it came from (i.e. people other than *me*), and felt so daunted because that workshop was 5 years ago, and I didn’t think I had moved much from that list.

    So this morning, upon awakening, I again asked my “spiritual team” to “Show me what I need to know. What is the lesson in this relationship? Have I learned it?”

    Well, the answer to what it was came in so clear, so simply, it was almost humorous. So I am going to take the pages in that notebook and put them in the firepit outside and commend them to the Violet Flame of Divine Love, and I am going to MOVE ON with peace in my heart. And by the way, there were two phrases that came through in the “communication” this morning: One was from Spirit, via you in a private channeling you gave me, and the other was from Abraham.

    Now how perfect is THAT, that you have put up this audio from Abraham?????

    Love you,

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Pat. Esther and Abraham are amazing.

      I started out channeling by doing automatic writing. I still do it now and then, and enjoy it.

      It’s great that you ask your “spiritual team” questions like that. My spirit guides have lately been encouraging people to do just that. As you describe, it’s very powerful — and the answers can come quickly. In fact, in my personal experiences with Spirit, I find the answers are coming much more quickly now.

      That’s really great that my spirit guides and Abraham are giving you guidance. And you are so open to receiving it. That makes a BIG difference!


  5. Margaret

    It is very interesting to hear about your journey John. How good that you were encouraged to use your imagination in that way. I think, ss a child, the faces I saw in my imagination scared me and I learnt to dismiss them. However, I guess like water finding its c ourse, I seem to experience spirit through feelings and ideas.

    One pivotal experience happened, would you believe as I was driving in traffic! I had just dropped off my now husband saying ‘I love you’ like you do. However what I felt was truly inspirational. I felt a love that I had never experienced before. A love that saw beyond human facilities frailties.
    As I pondered this love a wave of energy flooded into me and lifted me me up and into a whole new arena. That love i felt continues inspire and guide me.

    Maybe now i can open up and trust my inner eye and see my guides

    Thank you John. I am so grateful to have founfvthis site. i feel i am meeting old friends.

    Much love to all
    Margaret x

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Margaret, for sharing your lovely story. As Louise Hay says, “Love will heal you, I promise.” And love will certainly help you, as you say, “open up and trust my inner eye and see my guides.”

      Love, John

  6. Chelsae

    Thank you, for sharing your story. It gives me great strength and confidence to move forward with my learning to channel. ~ NAMASTE ~

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Chelsae! I wish you all the best with your channelling. I’ve found it very rewarding, and lots of fun.


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