If you have a blog, we’d like to give you a free copy of our Spirit Oracle Cards. Our only requirement is that you post a review of the cards in your blog.

Please send me the following information:

1. Your full name (required)

2. The full name of your blog (required)

3. How often you publish new blog posts(weekly, daily, every other day, etc.) – we prefer those who post frequently

4. The full URL (link) to your blog (required)

5. You blog’s main focus – we prefer blogs which focus on spirituality, but will consider other areas of focus also

After you send us the above information, we’ll review it. And if you qualify we’ll send you a free copy of the Spirit Oracle Cards application.

Then we will ask you to review the cards and publish a review of them on your blog – hopefully a positive review. 🙂

Questions? Email me.