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In our last blog post, He Was Just a Dog, I talked about taking care of my brother’s and sister-in-law’s elderly cat Caesar while they were travelling last week. Caesar died two days ago.

He was not my cat, but we all considered him part of our family for nearly 20 years. That may sound strange to folks who do not resonate with pets. But those who do will understand.

Caesar’s death was not unexpected, as he’d lived so long and was ill the past few years. Despite that we all felt a deep sense of sadness after he’d left us.

When I walked into my brother’s and sister-in-law’s house the day after Caesar died I was hit with a tidal wave of sadness. I had not expected that. He often met me at the door when I came to visit. Even though he was completely deaf, he sensed when someone he knew was coming to the house.

Everywhere I looked in the house there were reminders of him—like his favorite chair. Toward the end he’d developed the cat equivalent of human senility, and would get lost in a house he once knew so well. To help him, my brother and sister-in-law closed the doors to rooms not used often. Now they were open, stark reminders he was gone.

Certainly knowing animals have souls just as humans do helps when they die. However, our spiritual beliefs notwithstanding, we still miss their physical presence. We miss the warmth of their company, the unconditional love shining in their eyes.

The sadness lasted a while that day. But I felt comfort in the fact Caesar had visited me a couple hours after he died. He was happy and healthy, like a playful little kitten again.

He also visited my partner Barbara. He told her it felt so good to feel so “light” after he left a body wracked with heaviness and pain.

He obviously wanted us all to know he would never leave his loved ones. As my spirit guides often say, we never lose those we love—human or animal.

Here’s a beautiful video called All Dogs and Cats Go To Heaven.

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If you’ve had a pet who’s died, how did you cope with that experience? Are you comfortable grieving for an animal in the same way you would a human family member? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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